This scheme is aimed to assist sport organisations with the maintenance of their facility, the upgrade of present facilities or carrying out construction works on their facilities, on a percentage basis, based on the total estimated cost for the said upgrade. The percentage to be provided by SportMalta shall be at the discretion of SportMalta, according to the budget allocated to the scheme and the amount of applications received and approved for benefitting from the scheme. The grant shall not exceed 75% of the total estimated costs not exceeding Euro15,000. The sports organisation shall fork out the remaining 25% of the total estimated costs.Furthermore, the sports organisations may only apply for one project per year

Eligibility Criteria

This scheme is applicable to Sport Organisations registered with SportMalta as Federations, Associations or Clubs which;

  1. Have a  legal title of property through a Parliamentary Resolution and a public deed signed with the Lands Department / SportMalta;
  2. Are owners of the property; or
  3. Are using government property which is yet to be transferred as per point 1 above;
  4. The sports organisation shall have a repayment plan in cases where it has pending payments with SportMalta.


Assistance through this scheme will be granted in various methods such as supply of labour, human resources, material, engagement of contractors, appointment of consultants and financial grants.

Documentation required:

 Assistance will only be granted, provided that the sport organisation making the request, confirms in writing:

  1. SportMalta registration certificate,
  2. Duly filled in registration form,
  3. That the upgrade being planned has not resulted due to negligence on the part of the sports organisation;
  4. That the sports organisation will be contributing to the said upgrading project by partly funding the project and providing the labour force or supplying materials, etc for a value of 25% of the total estimated project value;
  5. A detailed estimate of the costs involved, including a description of the needed works, preferably drawn by an architect or by a quality surveyor engaged by the sport organisation;
  6. Detailed description of the project including architect’s estimates of the cost, site plans and other plans;
  7. MEPA applications and permits for the project (where applicable);
  8. Demonstrate that the project will be finished within one (1) year from funding or commencement of the project, whichever the earlier.

Original fiscal receipts for anything falling within the approved assistance which will be assisted by SportMalta, must also be submitted for the approved funding to be released. Furthermore, the funds shall not be released prior to SportMalta officials certifying that the project has been completed in its entirety.