This scheme is intended to assist National Sports Organisations in the purchase of technical (sport) equipment being considered a fixed asset (not being of a non-durable nature), relevant to their particular Sport. SportMalta reserves the right to request the use of the equipment purchased through this scheme, if a particular need arises.


The assistance provided to one particular national sports organisation in one year shall not exceed the amount of €5,000 and shall be subject to budget allocation to the scheme and the amounts of applications received. Items being purchased under this scheme shall furthermore not have a value under €500 per item.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. The Sports Organisation must be a Federation or an Association registered with the SportMalta;
2. Must organise national leagues and championships approved by the SportMalta;
3. Must be in a position to prove that the equipment shall be placed at adequate premises;
4. Must prove that the equipment will be adequately taken care of and that the NSO has adequate means to make the necessary routine maintenance such that the lifespan of the equipment is prolonged to its expected timeframe;
5. The sports organisation shall have a repayment plan in cases where it has pending payments with the SportMalta.

Documentation Required:

1. SportMalta registration certificate;
2. Duly filled in registration form;
3. A list of current equipment considered to be fixed assets (of a durable nature);
4. General details of the equipment they intend to purchase including technical specifications and any information and images which the national sports organisation can acquire;
5. Information as to how the said equipment shall help in the increase in the quality of athletes;

Original fiscal receipts for anything falling within the approved assistance which will be assisted by SportMalta, must also be submitted for the approved funding to be released.