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Signing of SportMalta Collective Agreement

Alex Spiteri October 5, 2021 0

SportMalta is pleased to announce that the negotiations on the new collective agreement for the period 2021-2024 were concluded and the agreement was signed on 4th October 2021.

The Entity which has a mission to facilitate inclusion and a healthy lifestyle through sport and physical activity is expanding its facilities with a number of infrastructural projects to create more high level places for the mission targets to be reached. The employees covered by this agreement are crucial in achieving these targets Moreover, they are contributing to move SportMalta to new highs with record participation in its programmes and record number of events to promote physical activity and sport towards a healthy lifestyle.

The agreement puts forward a 2.7% increase in financial package and also addressed some abnormalities in previous agreements. A number of family friendly measures make the agreement more attractive to its employees. Moreover this agreement offers to facilitate career development.

CEO Mark Cutajar thanked all involved including the Industrial Relations Unit within the Office of the Prime Minister, UHM representative, Human Resources Department of the entity and workers representatives for the smooth negotiations in between parties during a particularly challenging moment. He stated that this agreement gives the required tools to one of the best teams of employees on the island to continue to excel.

The agreement was signed by Mark Cutajar CEO and Dr Luciano Busuttil Chairman of SportMalta, Mario Sacco and Isabelle Farrugia on behalf of UHM and Darren Brincat and Michael Micallef representing the employees.

The signing of the agreement was overseen by Hon. Clifton, Parliamentary Secretary for Sport

SportMalta Launches #OnTheMove Programme and #BeActive Campaign

Alex Spiteri October 5, 2021 0

Following the success of the Summer On The Move program over the summer, for another year, SportMalta is launching the program for the winter season. During the winter season, the program will be offering more opportunities for children and adults to be physically active and practice their favourite sport. During this program, academies will be strengthened to give more opportunities to all children to reach higher levels in sport.

Robert Portelli, Head of Programmes within SportMalta, pointed out that the aim of SportMalta is for every child to be able to practice sport regardless of the resources of their parents or carers, so that we can ensure a more active and healthy generation.

In addition to the winter program On The Move, SportMalta is also launching a sports and educational campaign for the public. Rose Marie Mercieca, coordinator of the European Week of Sport said that against the background where there is a growing percentage of people across the European Union who do not engage in physical activity or play sports, SportMalta – as part of its mission to lead Malta through the promotion and development of sport for Malta strong, inclusive and successful, and in its position of the National Coordinating Body of the European Week of Sport – launched a special campaign to achieve its goals.

The campaign consists of a number of videos with different themes, which show examples and possibilities of how to be active through sport and education. The aim of this initiative is to create a balance, where the subject is treated from different perspectives, notably that of a coach, teacher, parent, athletes from different backgrounds, and the sports volunteer who has a very specific nature.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organizations Clifton Grima expressed his satisfaction with the success of the Summer On The Move program and announced that 1,000 applications had already been submitted for the winter program. “This competition and this sporting activism fills us with courage and determination to continue to plan such programs for children and adults of all ages,” the parliamentary secretary continued.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima launches Winter on the Move

The Chief Executive of SportMalta stressed how this year’s edition of the European Week of Sport was a great success. The activities had a good response from the general public, athletes, clubs and associations. Therefore, as a dynamic entity, SportMalta has launched a media campaign on education and sport and on the need for more volunteers in the field of sports, now that major events have arrived in our country such as the Special Olympics 2022 and the Games of the Small Countries of Europe in 2023.

He also said that these programs, in addition to their main goal being sports activism from a young age, send the message that sport is for everyone regardless of a person’s ages and resources. “The government, together with SportMalta, is looking forward to preparing more programs and a campaigns to have a more active and physically and mentally healthy people”

European Week of Sport ta’ Kandja Event

Alex Spiteri October 5, 2021 0

On the occasion of the European Week of Sport on Sunday 26 September 2021 at the National Shooting Complex of Candia, a competition was held for a straight shot shooting competition.

20 shooters participated in the qualifying session on 50 plates, of which six shooters qualify as finalists.

The final was held on 25 plates for which the shooters Joseph Galea, John Gauci, John Mary Camilleri, Gordon Tanti, Keith Portelli and Noel Muscat qualified.

Shooter John Galea took first place with the largest amount with a total of 73 plates, followed by shooter John Gauci with a total of 72 plates, in third place finished John Mary Camilleri with a total of 71 plates.


European Week of Sports – Tennis

Alex Spiteri October 5, 2021 0

Zebbug Tennis Club organized an event entitled  a Doubles//Singles Tournament for Beginners and Semi Beginners.

This was held on 24th September 2021 from 7 to 11:30pm whereby 22 players from different walks of life and with different abilities were divided into 3 teams.

Besides the physical aspect and Fun comradeship, there was also an element of competitiveness whereby one did his utmost both physically and tennis wise to win.

Trophies were presented to winners//runner ups and a bag was kindly also donated to each participant by Sport Malta who are always foremost to help us to encourage sportive activity.

Investment in 31 specialised frames for children with disabilities, to be able to play football

Alex Spiteri October 1, 2021 0

Minister for Inclusion  and Quality of Life  Julia Farrugia  Portelli  together  with Parliamentary Secretary  for  Sport,  Recreation and Voluntary Organisations  Clifton  Grima  and SportMalta CEO    Mark Cutajar  announced €21,000  in financial assistance to  Frame Football Malta,   to purchase  31  specialist  frames  for  disabled  children to be  able  to  play  football.

Frame Football is a suitable football game concept for children who need   a walking frame or crutches  to  play football. This investment is ensuring and ascertaining that every child who needs some kind of  mobile help   and  wants to  play football like the rest of the children  can  do this.

This investment further confirms the government’s policy of having an inclusive society so  that  together, as  one nation,  we improve  our abilities.

The Minister  for Inclusion  and Quality of Life  Julia Farrugia  Portelli  said that the principle of inclusion  contributes  greatly  to a better quality of life.  This investment shows tangibly how the principle of inclusion is not only  one  on   paper. Inclusion  in sport  is  one of the cornerstones  of the  national strategy for  persons  with disabilities. This will be launched in the coming  weeks. 

The Minister  stressed the importance    of continuing  to  create an environment  where  disabled persons  feel  comfortable doing  what  others do, even if in different ways.  The contribution  of  voluntary organisations,  such as  Frame Football Malta,  strengthens our work  in this direction.

 Parliamentary Secretary  Clifton  Grima  said    that  today  is a historic  day for inclusion in Maltese  sport  and for children with  disabilities . “Sport  unites us,  but to be  able  to  truly  say  that  through  sport  everyone  is  included we need to keep  investing in equipment,  irrispective of a person’s  ability. The Parliamentary Secretary  said  that the government’s mission  is,  that apart from achieving prestigious results,  every individual should have access to practice and participate in sport.

Parliamentary  Secretary  Grima    added  that this investment in frame football equipment, besides having  an impact  on  children  and  young people with  disabilities, will  help them   improve  their   social skills, communication and self-confidence . “These investments  exemplifies the government’s message  that it  really  is a government for the people. We  are committed     to    create opportunities  for  each  individual to improve,”   the Parliamentary Secretary concluded .

  SportMalta    CEO Mark Cutajar  stressed  that this investment is a fundamental  part of SportMalta’s mission  , which helps  to    achieve   a stronger, more inclusive and  successful society.

Frame Football Malta President Rita Darmanin Carbonaro  said  that the investment has provided a necessary  tool  for  these children  and young people  to   further  develop  their love for the football game.    This puts us on  an equal  footing  with  clubs    abroad with  whom they  can  participate  and  compete in tournaments  and  other sporting activities.

Prime Minister Robert Abela announces car and motorcycle racetrack project in Hal Far.

Alex Spiteri October 1, 2021 0

Prime Minister Robert Abela announces car and motorcycle racetrack project in Hal Far.

With an investment of € 20 million, this international level racetrack is another promised project which will be enjoyed by everyone.

During a Cabinet meeting held at the Basketball Pavilion in Ta ‘Qali wherein sportsmen were present, Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela announced this international level racetrack project in Ħal Far, with an investment of € 20 million.

“We are placing sport at the top of the government’s agenda and in the coming years we must make achievements which we have never reached before and embark on projects that have been waiting for years,” said Dr Abela.  Besides giving widespread access to sport for all in our schools and in the community, we must also ensure that our children aspire to be professional sport persons.

He mentioned the Games of the Small States of Europe which will take place in Malta in 2023 and the investment that is being done in the facilities to host these games and also towards the athletes, so that Malta will have the best results in history. 

Presently it is the time for the racetrack project in Hal-Far. “The plans are ready and a financial proposal agreed on with the participation of the NDSF”, the Prime Minister said. He also stated that on a design of German experts at the choice of the Malta Motorsport Federation this project will be of the highest level that everyone will enjoy.

Dr Abela said the government has seen to it that it does not take any land which is outside the development zones, this land is currently already being used for a similar activity. He also said that sound studies have been carried out so this will not be an inconvenient to Birżebbuġa residents, new systems will be introduced to make this race track a professional one and a quality attraction.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying that this is another wisely planned promise that will lead to 95% of the sporting measures of the electoral manifesto implemented.

Representatives of various sports disciplines were invited to this Cabinet meeting, the Malta Motorsport Federation’s president Mr. Duncan Micallef said that this government will be remembered as the one that carried out the wishes of tens of thousands of people. The former FIA European Drag Racing Champion stressed that the motorsport racetrack is the result of cooperation between the government and sport amateurs, due to this Malta will have a high-level project which will enable us to have international champions in this sport.

Minister for Inclusion and Quality of Life Julia Farrugia Portelli said “There is one element that brings us together, the strong value of sport and that we truly believe in its progress in various forms. We look forward to the coming months with a sense of pride that Malta, a small country, will send a strong message on inclusion while we host the Special Olympics next year “.

Minister Farrugia Portelli added that, “When we talk about inclusion we are talking about inclusion in its broadest sense, a girl, a boy with a disability, can play sports and yes they can compete.  In the last three years investment in the sports sector has been unprecedented. From 2019 until now this has increased by € 6.7 million, to a record sum of more than € 14 million. We must always understand the importance of sport, it is scientifically proven that the quality of life is also measured by physical activity”.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organizations Dr Clifton Grima said that the National Motorsport Center in AL Far will strengthen the existing drag racing and karting, while building a circuit adjacent to these same facilities. The parliamentary secretary also said that the existing drag racing and karting facilities will be upgraded and due to this investment international events are already committed. Finally, the parliamentary secretary recalled how this government is achieving results that are crucial for all athletes.

Interventions were also made by sports representatives including basketball, football, water polo, water sports, athletics, rugby, snooker the Maltese Olympic Committee. Also present were representatives of Sport Malta and Equestrian Malta.


European Week of Sport at Isla on 28th September 2021

SportMalta News September 29, 2021 0

Isla local council, in collaboration with SportMalta, as part of the European Week of Sport, has organised an Aerobics session. This session was held at Benny Casha Football Ground on Monday 28th September. There was a good number of participants who were eager to ask the Local Council to continue doing the session weekly.  Coach Doris Montebello prepared a mixture of low and high intensity exercises. It was a pleasure to see both locals and even residents from other localities participate in this activity and #BeActive.

European Week of Sport at Għarb

SportMalta News September 29, 2021 0

Għarb Local Council organised an activity for its residents as part of the European Week of Sport on 16th September. Tai Chi is a form of graceful exercise that is used to reduce stress and a variety of other health conditions. This is often described as meditation during movement, and it promotes serenity through gentle circulating movements. This was the first time that we had this type of exercise in our village, and we had good feedback. We look forward to doing it again in the future. Thanks goes to SportMalta for their assistance.

On 19th September, Gharb Local Council organised its third edition of the 5k Run. Nowadays everyone knows how important it is to do some form exercise and #BeActive. This 5k Run brought together athletes of all ages. Every year we always have new participants who are motivated to continue practicing this type of sports. We thank SportMalta for their support in the event. This activity also formed part of the European Week of Sport events.

Drago and Borg challenge each other in Exihibition Match

SportMalta News September 29, 2021 0

Today the Malta Snooker Academy based in Hamrun will host an exhibition match between two of Malta’s best ever players Tony Drago and Alex Borg. This event is being organised by SportMalta with the collaboration of the Malta Billiards and Snooker Association as part of the European Week of Sports which officially ends today.

Tony Drago and Alex Borg who are well known for their national and international results, will face each other over best of nine frames.

Also as part of this 7th edition of the European Week of Sport, the Malta Snooker Accademy organised the BeActive Tournament in which 52 players took part with the final game  being played today.  Finalists Philip Ciantar and Brian Cini will decide the winner over seven frames. In the semi finals Philip Ciantar beat Chris Peplow 3-1 whilst Brian Cini managed to beat Glenn Axiaq 3-2.

The two games are going to be streamed live on YouTube Channel link

The final of the BeActive Tournament between Ciantar and Cini starts at 5:00 pm with the exhibition game between Drago and Borg immediately after it.


Signing of triennial agreement between SportMalta and Special Olympics Malta

SportMalta News March 29, 2021 0

A record sum for Special Olympics Malta – € 420,000 in direct assistance from SportMalta

At a conference at the National Swimming Pool in Tal-Qroqq, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima and the President of Special Olympics Malta Dr Lydia Abela chaired the signing of a new agreement between SportMalta and Special Olympics Malta which will lead to SportMalta handing over € 420,000 to Special Olympics Malta over a period of three years.

This agreement will be helping Special Olympics Malta athletes so that they can continue to participate in the International Special Olympics Games and in training camps abroad. In addition, through these funds, Special Olympics Malta will be investing in kits and equipment that it will need from time to time.

At the beginning of her speech, the Minister for Inclusion and Quality of Life Julia Farrugia Portelli congratulated Dr Lydia Abela who has just been appointed President of Special Olympics Malta.

“Through this agreement between this year and the year 2023 Special Olympics Malta will be given € 420,000, a sum that shows a substantial increase on what has been given so far, € 100,000 per year. Very significant is the fact that our country, one of the smallest in the world, will be hosting a world sports event for disabled persons next year, the Special Olympics Games. Significant because it shows that our country is being recognized and appreciated for the way it works and does everything possible to make persons with disabilities feel integrated in society, including in sports. We will be showing that a sporting event of this quality with its protagonists being persons with disabilities is a way towards unity, love and inclusion. People with disabilities will show that they too have an important role to play in unity and love among nations, a role that reflects the principle of inclusion in the society we so strongly believe in,” she said. Minister Farrugia Portelli.

At the end of her speech, Minister Farrugia Portelli thanked all those from Special Olympics Malta who are working hard for the benefit of people with disabilities and promised them that they will continue to find the Government behind them.

Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima, while praising Special Olympics Malta for the valuable work done throughout the year, stressed that this work with Special Olympics Malta will bear fruit when in 2022 Malta will be hosting a Special Olympics international event. The Parliamentary Secretary went on to say that the direction of the government is to be a strategic partner of sports associations and federations so that proper planning can be done and thus ensuring stability and work leading to positive change. He concluded that in recent years Special Olympics athletes have achieved various successes both on a sporting level, including in international forums, as well as on a human and personal level where the full development of the person is achieved.

The President of Special Olympics Dr Lydia Abela said that she is proud that together with the National Director of Special Olympics she managed to negotiate with SportMalta the largest financial package for the next three years. The agreement will help Special Olympics in their day-to-day operations and to continue to invest in their athletes and assist them in their development and offer parental support.

Dr. Lydia Abela said that this is an exciting time for Special Olympics and for the whole country, as next year for the first time in 20 years our country will host the international games of Special Olympics. She said that she is certain that as a country we will unite behind our athletes who will continue to honour Malta, and above all make us proud.

SportMalta Chief Executive Mark Cutajar stressed that it is SportMalta’s mission to help create an inclusive society and therefore this contract is of great importance. A contract that will help Special Olympics Malta to be able to reach its objectives more easily, objectives that are not only sporting but also to unleash the potential of every Special Olympics athlete and to support not only the athletes, but also their family. SportMalta is committed that in addition to financial aid, it also helps by hiring a number of specialized coaches to help children in every aspect.