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The School of Sport Meets the Representatives of Sport Malta

SportMalta News November 24, 2021 0

A meeting between the Maltese and Italian government and sporting institutions took place yesterday at the offices of the Sports and Health School of Sport .

Mark Cutajar (CEO of SportMalta), Roberto Magro (Director of the Maltese School of Sport) and Karl Izzo (Director Technician of the Maltese National Water Polo).

The fruitful meeting between the two delegations dealt with many issues, including the possibility of future collaborations aimed at developing synergies between the two countries in the sports and training fields.

At the end of the meeting, the Maltese delegation was able to closely appreciate the Giulio Onesti Olympic Preparation Center, seat of the School of Sport and the beating heart of Italian sport.

Schools Main Actors in a European Week of Sport Activity

SportMalta News October 29, 2021 0

SportMalta’s main goal is to inspire the Maltese population and change the country via sports and innovative, enjoyable, and meaningful events. The European Week of Sport is a European Commission initiative to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in one’s life. During the European Week of Sport, 27 EU member states and many other nations around Europe and the Western Balkans launch a big campaign to encourage citizens to become more active.


SportMalta, has invited all Primary and Secondary Schools for their participation in the ‘European Week of Sport 2021’ by organizing a Sports Day to get the students to #BeActive during school hours. SportMalta is the National Coordinating Body for the European week of sport co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ program. 


The balance between education and physical activity has always been a struggle. Initiatives like the European Week of Sports Day help to define a better balance and create an environment where both physical activity can be done in the education environment.


A record participation of 60 schools from all around Malta and Gozo accepted this invitation on Friday 29th October. SportMalta, the government entity for sport and the coordinating body of the European Week of Sport organized this sporting day event for all students of every age to enjoy a few hours of various physical activities and socializing through sport and exercise.


The innovation for this year’s event was the launch of videos created for students to get active during their school day by following simple exercises and activities shown on the videos. Two different videos have been created to target Primary and Secondary students, and tailor made to target all level of students found in our classrooms. These clips are available for all students including Public, Private and Church schools to reach every individual and promote physical activity and wellbeing.


The European Week of Sport has been pushing Europeans to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle for the past six years, helping to combat the inactivity issue. Increasing regular physical exercise, regardless of who we are or what we do, can have a significant influence on our long-term health. 


The main factor of all activities presented is to promote the best quality of physical activity and get the children moving around even during long school sedentary days. SportMalta promotes physical activities for all ages, specific activities like this help to target our future generations.

Launch of the 12th edition of The President’s Solidarity Fun Run

SportMalta News October 27, 2021 0

The 12th edition of the President’s Solidarity Fun Run, taking place on Sunday 21st of November, was launched.

Present for the launch were Mrs Miriam Vella, as well as Mr Mark Cutajar, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Fun Run and Chief Executive of Sport Malta; the President of the Local Councils Association, Mario Fava; Enemed Executive Chairman, Kevin Chircop; the Opposition’s Spokesperson on Sport, Clyde Puli; as well as the Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Clifton Grima.


For his part, Mr Cutajar said that with the return of the Fun Run, this year the format will be slightly different as it will take the form of a walk in every locality in Malta and Gozo. He explained that the Fun Run will take place in accordance with the protocols of the Health Authorities and that anyone applying for and attending the Fun Run must present the vaccine certificate.

 Mr Chircop, on behalf of the main sponsor Enemed, described The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation as a refuge for those going through difficult circumstances.

In a few words, Mr Mario Fava appealed to all residents as well as to every local council in Malta and Gozo to accept the invitation and unite for this noble cause.

Mr Puli described this event as an expression of the value of solidarity embraced by the people, while Parliamentary Secretary Grima described the Fun Run as a sign of hope that where there is unity, there is strength.

 In a speech at the launch of this year’s edition, President George Vella explained how such an occasion unites all the people and said that he is confident that once again, The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation will find the support of the people.

 He thanked everyone involved in the event, and thanked all the sponsors.

 Anyone wishing to take part in the Fun Run 2021, can register with a donation of €10, either by visiting the Local Council of their locality or by applying through the website


SportMalta News October 20, 2021 0

Depiro Basketball Club organized activities over the span of two days in collaboration with Agenzija Support as a part of the European Week of Sport. On each activity day over a 100 people took part which made this event a successful one. 

On the first day they collaborated with Agenzija Support where physical activity through fitness exercises was presented for vulnerable groups. Different sessions throughout the day were held together with the supervision of Agenzija Support staff and Depiro Club Coaches. A small basketball tournament was held with Agenzija Support individuals and the day held over 100 participants.

On the second day due to bad weather the activities planned outdoor were moved indoors and had participants split into different groups conducting various fun activities through basketball emphasizing on the concept of working as a team. As the day played out and as the weather permitted activities on the football pitch where also held, all for different ages and lifestyles having over 150 individuals participating. 

These activities where of success thanks to all the staff and volunteers behind the planning and coordinating and the help of SportMalta all throughout.




SportMalta News October 20, 2021 0

An event held by the Malta Climbing Club was organized on the 9th of October as a part of the European Week of Sport, the event was held at Ghar Lapsi on the beautiful cliffs known as Twin Caves. 

Over 24 individuals participated in this event including 10 complete novices who are new to rock climbing and 14 club volunteers who helped throughout while climbing and assisting the novices. Participants involved where from different parts of the world such as France, Italy, Peru, Sweden, and the United Kingdom aside from Malta. 

Different route levels were set up to challenge each level of ability, participants got the opportunity to push further in the sport of rock climbing with the assistance of experienced volunteers. With backing through Sport Malta this event was of a great success.



SportMalta News October 20, 2021 0

On the 9th of October St. Paul’s Bay organised a yoga session for all ages and abilities as a part of being active all throughout during the European Week of Sport. The local council gathered over 15 participants on the day which contributed and attended the class.

The participants arrived at the Millennium Garden at 8:30am to take part in this activity, during the Yoga, the yoga instructor showed the participants basic yoga movements as the activity was set out to reach all abilities. At the end of the yoga activity at the Millennium Garden the group left for a walk towards the National Aquarium, including not just a yoga session but also an interactive social walk. Upon their arrival at the National Aquarium, thanks to SportMalta, participants were given SportMalta bags.  

This was a successful event and the Local Council of St. Paul’s Bay decided to repeat this activity as it turned out to be fruitful and successful. Residents had time to be active and socialise while doing some yoga and walking together. A special thanks to SportMalta for their help and inclusion throughout the activity.


SportMalta News October 20, 2021 0

On the 24th of September the Malta Employees Sports Association organized a Beach Volley tournament at Pretty Bay in Birzebbugia for all employed individuals interested in sport and the sport of Beach Volley.

The tournament held eight individuals forming four pairs which gave six thrilling games, those taking part included Jacques Seifret and Monica Zammit Munro, Matthew Abela and Kristen Carabott, Gordon Cachia and Stefania Bonnici, Luke Fenech and Annette Farrugia.

During the tournament, challenging intense games were presented seeing Stefania Bonnici and Gordon Cachia win the tournament, although it was not an easy win. A direct encounter saw Bonnici and Cachia win against a strong couple made up of Monica Zammit Munro and Jacques Siefret which ended the tournament in second place.

This event was of great success and aiming for more sports specific tournaments held by the Malta Employees Sport Association and the collaboration of SportMalta



European Week of Sport – 5K Smart City Race and Walk

SportMalta News October 14, 2021 0

As a part of the European Week of Sport St. Patricks Athletic Club held a 5k race and walk at Smart City for another consecutive year. The event was held on the 26th of September with 100 participants who walked or ran during this event organized for everyone’s ability.

St. Patricks Athletic Club host this event to be able to include all individuals through different levels as done before such as, walks, races for kids and the staple 5k run around Kalkara. This year’s event experienced an outstanding response with 100 participants taking part following all health regulations. 

During the race Sport Malta provided T-shirts to the athletes as to help and continue to push sportive activities; a trophy presentation was held a week after.


Mini Basketball Festival

Alex Spiteri October 6, 2021 0

On Saturday 25th October at Maria Regina Middle School, Naxxar Starlites Basketball held its Mini Basketball Open Day and organised a Mini Basketball Festival which brought together children of different ages to play 3 vs 3 games.

During this event which celebrated the European Week of Sport seen a turnout of many children participating in games and fun physically active activities. As part of Starlites BC long term plan, and aligned to the motto of the club, towards an active lifestyle, the last hour was dedicated specifically for children as young as 3 and 4 years of age. These young participants were exposed to micro basketball and games which offered an exposure to movement, exploration of space and shooting hoops in an adapted micro basketball environment.

A dire need to expose young children to movement and activity is an essential target in the Club’s objectives. Starlites BC thanks all coaches and helpers who attended this event and SportMalta for providing gifts to all children who participated.

Il-komunità ta’ Ħal Farruġ se tibbenefika minn ftehim bejn SportMalta u l-Kunsill Lokali ta’ Ħal Luqa

Alex Spiteri October 1, 2021 0

B’riżultat ta’ ftehim bejn SportMalta fi ħdan il-Ministeru għall-Inklużjoni u l-Kwalità tal-Ħajja u l-Kunsill Lokali ta’ Ħal Luqa, il-komunità ta’ Ħal Farruġ, li tifforma parti mil-lokalità ta’ Ħal Luqa u li fiha joqogħdu 580 resident, se tkun tista’ tagħmel użu mill-faċilitajiet għall-eżerċizzji fiżiċi li SportMalta għandha f’Ta’ Kandja. L-użu ta’ dawn il-faċilitajiet se jkun mingħajr ħlas u se jkunu eliġibbli għalih persuni li l-età tagħhom hija minn 16-il sena ‘l fuq.

Il-Ministru għall-Inklużjoni u l-Kwalità tal-Ħajja Julia Farrugia Portelli, li kienet preżenti għall-iffirmar tal-ftehim, iddeskrivietu bħala investiment ieħor li se jtejjeb il-kwalità tal-ħajja tar-residenti. “Huma diversi l-fatturi li jikkontribwixxu għal x’livell ta’ kwalità ta’ ħajja jkun qed jgħix il-poplu. Ekonomija soda, servizzi edukattivi u ta’ saħħa, drittijiet ċivili, servizzi soċjali, u servizzi u benefiċċji lil persuni b’diżabilità huma fost dawn il-fatturi, u li ċertament li l-gvern ta aktar minn prova waħda ta’ kemm mexxa lill-pajjiż ‘il quddiem fihom. Xjentifikament u medikament, hu stabbilit li eżerċizzju fiżiku hu kruċjali għall-benesseri tal-individwu. Qed naħsbu għal dan ukoll. Tista’ tgħid li għandna faċilitajiet sportivi f’kull belt u raħal u qegħdin niżviluppaw il-kunċett li nipprovdu apparat għall-eżerċizzi fiżiċi fil-miftuħ b’kordinazzjoni mal-kunsilli lokali u SportMalta biex ikun jista’ jintuża mir-residenti tal-lokalità.”

Il-Ministru Farrugia Portelli żiedet tgħid li, “Qegħdin inkomplu niżviluppaw il-kunċett li jittejbu l-attivitajiet sportivi u fiżiċi fil-komunitajiet, bħalma huwa l-ftehim bejn SportMalta u l-Kunsill Lokali ta’ Ħal Luqa, li apparti li huma utli ħafna biex dak li jkun iżomm ruħu f’saħħtu, fl-istess ħin iservu wkoll ta’ rilassament mentali, rilassament li jirrendi kwalità ta’ ħajja aħjar. Il-komunità ta’ Ħal Farruġ se tkun tista’ tibbenefika mill-faċilitajiet għall-eżerċizzji fiżiċi li SportMalta għandha f’Ta’ Kandja.”

Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Isport, ir-Rikreazzjoni u l-Għaqdiet Volontarji Clifton Grima rrimarka kif ġimgħa wara oħra, permezz tal-proġetti sportivi fil-komunità, il-gvern qiegħed ikompli juri kemm verament irid itejjeb il-kwalità tal-ħajja tal-poplu Malti. Is-Segretarju Parlamentari qal li, “L-għan ħolistiku ta’ dawn il-proġetti komunitarji u sportivi huwa li l-poplu jintegra ma’ xulxin filwaqt li jsib ħin biex jeżerċita ruħu u jżomm ruħu attiv kemm jista’ jkun”.

Is-Segretarju Parlamentari żied jgħid li, bl-għajnuna tal-kunsill lokali flimkien mar-rieda tal-gvern u SportMalta, aktar nies qed jibbenifikaw minn attivitajiet sportivi bla ħlas biex ikollna poplu b’saħħtu.

Iċ-Chairman ta’ SportMalta Luciano Busuttil qal li SportMalta dejjem tfittex mezzi differenti sabiex tilħaq aktar nies biex jagħmlu attività fiżika. Huwa qal li SportMalta akkwistat dan l-apparat għal attivitajiet tal-Ġimgħa Ewropea tal-Isport u poġġiet dan l-apparat għad-dispożizzjoni permanenti tal-pubbliku sabiex jitgawda s-sena kollha.

Is-Sindku ta’ Ħal Luqa John Schembri saħaq li din l-inizjattiva hi waħda pożittiva li se tkun qed tagħti opportunità lir-residenti ta’ Ħal Farruġ biex jagħmlu użu minn din il-faċilità bla ħlas. Is-Sindku ħeġġeġ lir-residenti ta’ Ħal Farruġ sabiex japplikaw għall-sħubija mill-Kunsill Lokali.​