This scheme is intended to assist national teams / individuals forming part of National Sports Organisations in the technical preparations for International activities abroad.


SportMalta will partially assist in the expenses involved for travelling and/or participating and/ or training camp expenses incurred by the National Sports Organisation when national teams / individuals are involved in the aforementioned activities. Assistance can be in the form of air tickets and equipment travel expenses through a financial grant not exceeding a yearly amount of €10,000 per national team.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. The Sports Organisation must be a Federation or an Association registered with SportMalta;
2. Must organise national leagues and championships approved by SportMalta;
3. Must have a minimum number of 50 registered members
4. Must have no alternative government / public funding for the event in which the elite athlete is participating;
5. The sports organisation shall have a repayment plan in cases where it has pending payments with SportMalta.

Documentation Required:

1. SportMalta registration certificate;
2. Duly filled in registration form;
3. Calendar of Events of the National Sports Organisation in the case of multiple events and/or; a detailed description of the activity/ies including details of the organisers, duration, participating countries, and whether activity is being held under the auspices of the International Federation;
4. Scope and benefits for the NationalSportOrganisation;
5. An estimation of expenses incorporating:
1. the number of persons in the contingent and their responsibilities;
2. who is providing accommodation and transport ( hosts or the Maltese Association);
3. whether a reciprocity agreement is in place with the host association; and
4. whether an affiliation fee has been / shall be paid with international body participation competition in order to participate in the event/s.

The National Sports Organisation shall furthermore, indicate whether this activity forms part of an International Sport Calendar related to that particular sport.

In the case of a training camp the Association has to present a report which has to include:
1. the benefits of attending such a training camp;
2. whether such training camp could have been held locally;
3. whether such training camp is in preparation of an international commitment.

Original fiscal receipts for anything falling within the approved assistance which will be assisted by SportMalta, must also be submitted for the approved funding to be released. Furthermore, the funds shall not be released prior to SportMalta officials certifying that the project has been completed in its entirety.