Malta is an island endowed with beautiful weather throughout the year and friendly people which make it a very attractive place for international events. SportMalta is in touch with sports organisations all year round and is aware of the difficulties faced by committees within such sports organisations when bidding for international events to take place in Malta. These events, in addition to being part of government’s strategy to increase tourism, are a brilliant opportunity for Maltese athletes to perform at their best, at home – in the facilities they are used to training in.

Government, through SportMalta has and will continue investing in sport facilities where our athletes will continue to progress in their sport in order to reach the desired level. SportMalta furthermore already provides assistance through the Sports Tourism scheme for the bidding stages and promotion of the international events to be held locally. However, this is not enough. In a country with a population of less than half a million persons, it is very difficult to find volunteers in sport and the size of the majority of Malta’s sports organisations does not permit them to pay persons for working within the sports organisation and even more, those engaged for working as volunteers within an international event held locally.

Through this scheme, SportMalta shall assist sports organisations with the recruitment of volunteers and create opportunities for such volunteers to take part in international sport events in other sport, with other sports organisations. It will also assist sports organisations with providing the recruited volunteers with a package which although not a payment for their work, provides the volunteer with a high-quality experience which will keep the volunteers eager to participate in events around the calendar in all types of sports.