Parents whose children attend any sport nursery that is registered with SportMalta, are entitled to benefit from the Tax Rebate Scheme.

Tax Rebate Assistance through CFR endorsed by SportMalta:

Parents may benefit from a maximum of €100 tax rebate on their FS3 tax return, for each child attending a sport organisation training programme

As per latest budgetary measures, from year 2023 onwards, the maximum amount shall be capped at € 300.


Parents are required to notify the respective sport organisation should they wish to benefit from the tax rebate scheme. The below details must be provided and to the respective sports organisation:  

Parent last name

Parent first name

Parent ID (Tax ID)

Parent Email Address

Parent Contact Number

Child Last Name

Child First Name

Child DOB

Any missing details will result in the ineligibility of the parent to benefit from the tax rebate. 

The sports organisation shall send the list of all those parents that have successfully paid the respective membership and provided the details to benefit from the tax rebate scheme to SportMalta’s representatives – 


Sports organisations not registered with Sportmalta, are not eligible for this scheme. Moreover, the sports organisations registered with SportMalta must hold a valid SLC number, to adhere to SportMalta’s compliancy requirements.. 

Submission Timeframe:

The sport organisation shall send the list of membership payments received during financial year 2022, by not later than 31st January 2023.

Should Parents or sports organisation representatives require further information, they may contact us on 22036120.