For the first time, our country will be hosting the ‘Special Olympics Invitational Games’.
Between 13th and 18th May, 23 delegations from all over Europe and beyond will compete in six different
disciplines. This is the first Regional Multi-Sport Event to be held in a European Country in over than two years.
The six disciplines are Swimming, Football, Athletics, Ten Pin Bowling, Table Tennis and Bocce. These games
will be hosted at their respective venues at the Marsa Sports Complex, Tal-Qroqq National Pool Complex
and St Julians.

Before the commencement of these Games, Special Olympics Malta, will be hosting an Educational
Forum and a Motor Activity Training Programme. The aim of this Forum, with the participation of
Educators from the local Institutions and other foreign Universities, SportMalta Coaches, Physical
Education teachers, is to share experiences, discussing various subjects, namely, inclusivity, unified
Sport, adaptations, handling tantrum, challenging behaviors and others.

Special Olympics Malta has launched an official song ‘Going for Gold’ for these games, as music is one
of the most effective tools for getting a message across in a positive way. The song conveys a message
about everyone’s abilities.

For these Invitational Games, Special Olympics Malta launched a publication with poems written by
children from all Primary Schools in Malta and Gozo, to convey a message through Sport, celebrating
this Special Event and through this book one can notice how Sport unites everyone.
The Participation in the ‘Special Olympics Invitational Games’ are not mainly a celebration of getting the
Gold Medal, but it’s about managing to get at this point with determination of an Athlete to take part in
these Games.