Running & Jogging Club

The walking and jogging programme aims to provide an opportunity for all to take up the most basic form yet cost-effective physical activity – walking.  The programme gives access to a number of tracks across Malta.  Couch potatoes have an opportunity to start a basic routine and work on technique and endurance to be able to jog efficiently.  Regular walks in different urban and rural settings are organised to ensure variety.  So grab your walking and running shoes and join the next activity!  

Bike Club

Held in a controlled and safe environment, SportMalta Bike Rides provide an opportunity for children and adults to take up cycling for fitness, as a competitive sport and as a means of commuting.  Sessions also include road safety and bike repair tutorials.

Adventure Programme

The Outdoor and Adventure Programme provides a series of activities that engage and entice teenagers and adults to be physically active in an exciting setting with a challenging nature whilst discovering the natural beauty of the Maltese Islands and pushing one’s limits in a safe manner.

Elderly Programme

SportMalta’s Active Elderly Programme aims at keeping 60+ adults physically active, flexible and strong.  This programme includes dancing, yoga, swimming, Tai Chi and resistance training.  It is clearly proven that such activities help the elderly to delay the onset of dementia and a number of disease whilst preventing falls and providing opportunities to remain socially active.