The Triathlon Academy is a project that assists young children and youths to develop their multisport skills and prepares them for the triathlon journey. Triathlon is a sport consisting of three different events : swimming, cycling and running, and this makes the sport very challenging and engaging. Currently MYTA has 4 different training groups; Cadets – 6-10years, Minors – 11-13years, Youths – 14-16years and Juniors – 17-20 years

The Triathlon Academy welcomes all individuals with different abilities and ensures a safe and fun environment for every athlete. 


The first SportMalta Academy to be set up, the gymnastics academy prepares athletes to perform at the highest levels on all four apparatus.  Athletes gain mastery in the technical aspects of the sport whilst working on flexibility, strength and conditioning.  Dedicated gymnastics academy athletes are selected from over 1000 OnTheMove gymnastics participants through a competitive trials system and undergo continuous and regular assessments.  Athletes are prepared to take part in national and international competitions.


SportMalta’s Badminton Academy provides all the experience needed for athletes to develop and reach the highest levels thanks to a specifically-structured programme that allows each athlete to benefit from the expertise of the best local and international coaches.  As part of the programme, regular competitions and training camps are organised.  These are aimed at giving the perfect opportunities for all athletes to fine-tune their skills and tactics in a competitive yet safe environment.