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St Joachim M’ Scala Primary School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

SportMalta News December 6, 2023 0

On the 12th of October, our school enthusiastically joined the SportMalta Schools Sports Day, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition among students. The event saw the active participation of students from KG 2 to Year 6, engaging in a range of outdoor games tailored to their specific age groups. This not only provided an opportunity for physical exercise but also promoted teamwork and sportsmanship.

Continuing the momentum, on the 13th of October, students from KG 2 to Year 6 embarked on a refreshing 20-minute walk around the picturesque St. Thomas Bay promenade. The scenic surroundings not only encouraged physical activity but also offered a chance for students to appreciate the beauty of their local environment while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Simultaneously, the school ensured that the youngest members, the KG1 students, were not left out of the sporting fun. Tailored sports activities were organized in the school yard, offering these young participants a chance to develop their motor skills and cultivate an early love for physical activity.

Overall, the SportMalta Schools Sports Day proved to be a holistic and inclusive event, catering to students of all age groups and fostering a culture of fitness, teamwork, and well-being within our school community.

St. Margaret College, Kalkara Primary School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

SportMalta News December 5, 2023 0

13th October 2023 was an exciting day for Kalkara Primary School as we actively participated in the SportMalta Schools Sports Day. The event showcased various sports stations, each designed to engage and challenge students physically and mentally.

At Station 1, dedicated to Gymnastics, an obstacle course was organised that demanded a combination of agility and coordination. Students navigated through activities like rolling over in pencil roll or forward roll, jumping on the trampoline, and balancing over the half cylinder. This station not only tested their physical prowess but also introduced elements of fun and creativity. Meanwhile, Station 2 featured bean bag races where students were equipped with tennis rackets and bean bags. They had to skillfully place the bean bag on the racket and race to the marker, turning and returning with precision.

Moving on to Station 3, the Stilts races, students were provided with a pair of stilts. The challenge was to maintain balance while advancing towards the rings. Each student had to pick up one ring and carefully make their way back to the starting line. Station 4 incorporated ladders, where students were divided into two groups and assigned various tasks such as hopping on one foot, jumping with both feet in, moving sideways, and taking two steps forward followed by one step back.

Station 5 introduced a spirited game of Hot Potato. The students were divided into two teams, each armed with shuttlecocks (bombs). The objective was to throw the shuttles over the badminton net, and the team with the least number of shuttles in their area emerged as the victorious one.

Shifting to Station 6, Shooting, a goal post and a softball were central to the activity. Students aimed to shoot and score a point inside the goal post. Some classes engaged in shooting exercises, while others enjoyed a small football game. Meanwhile, Station 7 featured Balancing, where students were provided with balance balls. In a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, they raced against opponents while maintaining balance on the balls.

The SportMalta Schools Sports Day not only fostered physical fitness but also encouraged teamwork, creativity, and sportsmanship among the students. It was a day filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie, leaving lasting memories for all participants.


Birkirkara Primary School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

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On Friday, 13th October, Birkirkara Primary School actively participated in the SportMalta Schools Sports Day by organizing invigorating Zumba Sessions as part of the European School Sport Day. This initiative aimed to promote physical activity among both students and educators alike. The Zumba Sessions not only provided an enjoyable and engaging way to burn calories but also served as an effective means to reduce stress, enhance coordination, and, above all, foster a sense of happiness and energy among the participants.

The lively atmosphere and vibrant music during the sessions created a dynamic and inclusive environment, encouraging everyone to embrace the joy of movement. It was heartening to witness the enthusiastic participation of students and educators alike, reinforcing the school’s commitment to overall well-being and a healthy, active lifestyle.

These Zumba Sessions not only contributed to the success of the SportMalta Schools Sports Day but also left a lasting impact on the school community, highlighting the importance of physical activity as an essential component of a balanced and fulfilling education. As a school, we are proud to have played an active role in promoting fitness, well-being, and a positive mindset among our students and educators through this exhilarating event.”

Valletta Primary School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

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Valletta Primary school joined the SportMalta Schools Sports Day, a vibrant event that brought together schools from various regions. The collaborative spirit among students, teachers, and staff was palpable as we engaged in a wide array of sports activities, fostering not only physical fitness but also a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

The dedicated teacher, who led the coordination of the circuit activities during this event. Once again took charge, ensuring the seamless organization of events for the SportMalta Schools Sports Day. These carefully crafted activities were thoughtfully designed to accommodate the diverse needs and abilities of our students, promoting inclusivity and active participation for all.

The School Sports Day provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to showcase their athletic talents, build sportsmanship, and forge lasting memories. As a school community, we take pride in our commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among our students, and events like these contribute significantly to the holistic development of our school community.

St. Margaret College Senglea – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

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Certainly! It’s great that St. Margaret College Senglea, participated in the SportMalta Schools Sports Day. The event brought together students from kindergarten to year 6, showcasing the school’s commitment to fostering physical activity and sportsmanship among students of all age groups. The participation in such events not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle but also provides students with valuable opportunities for teamwork, skill development, and friendly competition. It’s a wonderful initiative that contributes to the overall well-being and holistic development of the school community.

The committed educators, who spearheaded the orchestration of the circuit activities throughout the event, once more assumed responsibility for guaranteeing the flawless arrangement of events for the SportMalta Schools Sports Day. The meticulously planned activities were specifically tailored to cater to the varied needs and capabilities of our students, fostering an environment of inclusiveness and encouraging active participation for all.

St. Monica School, Birkirkara – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

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On the 13th of October, St. Monica School, Birkirkara participated in the SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023. It was a vibrant and energetic day that showcased the importance of physical activity and sportsmanship among students.

Amidst the enthusiastic atmosphere, students enthusiastically engaged in a variety of sports activities, transforming the school grounds into a hub of excitement. The air resonated with shouts and laughter, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition. The students not only demonstrated their athletic prowess but also exhibited essential values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

The diverse range of activities catered to different interests and age groups, ensuring everyone could find something they enjoyed. The sports lineup for the day included basketball, where the court echoed with the sound of bouncing balls and cheering teammates. Running events tested the students’ speed and endurance, fostering a sense of personal achievement.

In a nod to Maltese traditions, students also had the opportunity to participate in traditional Maltese games, connecting with the cultural roots of the region. These games not only provided a sense of heritage but also added a unique and local flavor to the overall sports day experience.

For the younger years, an exciting activity involving a parachute added an element of fun and coordination to the day. This not only contributed to their physical development but also nurtured a love for physical activity from a young age.

Overall, the SportMalta Schools Sports Day was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on our school community. The event not only promoted a healthy and active lifestyle but also reinforced the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and cultural pride. It was a day where the entire school came together to celebrate the joy of sports, fostering a spirit of unity and well-being among students.

Let’s Move Malta Launch

SportMalta News November 6, 2023 0

A week of sporting activities has been launched – ‘Let’s Move Malta.’ This is a week-long initiative of sporting activities in which many people from all walks of life will be involved.

Dr. Lydia Abela, who also serves as the President of Special Olympics Malta, pointed out that this week has a purpose to unite. “The beauty of sport is that it brings many people together,” claimed Dr. Abela. She said that this initiative is in favour of a stronger society and it should encourage more people to get involved in physical activities.

This initiative is being organized in collaboration with Sport Malta under Ministry of Sport. The initiative will kick-off today afternoon with sports activities by the athletes of Special Olympics Malta.

Minister Clifton Grima spoke about the significant investments made in recent years in sports infrastructure and said that these facilities are not only enjoyed by athletes and sportsmen but are also available to the general public. “We are providing top-level facilities throughout our country, and we are also ensuring that schools are well-equipped. We will continue to emphasize the importance of sport and physical activity from a young age.

Mark Cutajar, Chief Executive of Sport Malta, talked about how one should take advantage of opportunities from initiatives like this, so that, through different areas of life, including the workplace, one engages in physical activity in the place where they spend most of their time. He said that, “Through this initiative, we want to show that everyone can engage in physical activity, regardless of age, and most importantly, anywhere. The activities are spread across the Sports Complex of Kirkop, the residential house San Vincenz De Paule, the Sports Complex of Marsa, San Blas, and the Sports Complex of Cottonera.”


St. Gorg Preca College Marsa Primary School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 30, 2023 0

St. Gorg Preca College Marsa Primary School celebrated the SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 with great enthusiasm. Young students in years 4, 5, and 6 were at the forefront of this exciting event. They dedicated an entire hour to engaging in physical activities, showcasing their sporting prowess, and having an immense amount of fun.

The event was not just about play; it was a valuable learning experience. Students had the chance to practice a variety of skills and work as a team with their classmates. This sense of togetherness and collaboration was a testament to the strength of our school community.

Under the guidance of  the Physical Education teacher, along with the support of year group teachers and Learning Support Educators,  students were able to actively participate in a wide range of sports activities. It was a day filled with energy, laughter, and the joy of healthy competition, leaving our students with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the importance of physical fitness and teamwork.

Sacred Heart Junior School – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

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For the 8th consecutive year, Sacred Heart College celebrated its SportMalta Schools Sports Day within the first week of school. Nearly 400 eager students and teachers gathered to partake in a day filled with excitement and physical activity.

The event sprawled across the entire junior school, making use of every available space, including three playgrounds, the school hall, and its beautiful gardens. The day’s games were designed to be non-competitive, focusing on keeping students active, having fun, and honing the skills they had developed in previous years.

The Sports Day featured a diverse range of activities, including football dribbling, basketball shooting, skipping rope, obstacle courses, juggling, bean bag toss, gymnastics, hopscotch, dance, and garden exploration, among others. With 15 stations, one for each class, students remained active for a continuous 120 minutes.

Sacred Heart College considers its first Sports Day an important occasion, as it marks the beginning of the school year and fosters a sense of community within the school. This celebration of physical activity and unity is a cherished tradition, creating lasting memories for both students and staff.

St Thomas More Zejtun Primary B- SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 30, 2023 0

The SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 was an exciting event for our school and its community. This special day brought together students, parents, and teachers for a day of fun and fitness.

One of the highlights of the day was a 3-kilometer trek that everyone, from the youngest students to the parents, could participate in. Approximately 500 enthusiastic participants laced up their sneakers and embarked on this trek, which was not only a great way to promote physical activity but also a fantastic opportunity for families to bond while enjoying the outdoors.

Upon reaching the park, the fun didn’t stop with the trek. Our school had organized various sports activities for different age groups. Year 4 students got to try their hand at golf, Year 5 students had a blast playing football, and Year 6 students honed their basketball skills. These activities encouraged friendly competition, teamwork, and, most importantly, lots of smiles and laughter.

The SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 was a day to remember, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle while fostering a sense of togetherness within our school community. It’s events like these that make school not just a place of learning but a place of fun and shared experiences.