Weight Lifting Competition in Marsascala

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The Malta Weightlifting Association, in collaboration with SportMalta and the Marsaskala Local Council, organized the Street Weightlifting event at Marsaskala Promenade on Friday 1st September 2023 at 18:00 as part of the European Week of Sport 2023. The event attracted a significant number of the general public who came to witness the competition. Many young athletes participated in a competition with a unique format where each athlete had 30 seconds to lift the maximum weight in the Snatch and another 30 seconds to lift the maximum weight in the Clean and Jerk. Mixed teams of 6 athletes each competed against each other using the Sinclair point system. The winning team was Pyro Force with 5073 points, followed by Thunder Titans with 4725 points and Iron Claw with 4707 points.

The Best Male Athlete award was earned by Rylee Borg, who lifted 1245 kg in 1 minute and scored 1505 points. Tenishia Thornton emerged as the Women’s category winner by lifting 789 kg in 1 minute and scoring 1042 points.

1st Pyro Force Team (Rodmar Pulis 1502pts, Tenishia Thornton 1042pts, Rheanna Briffa 723pts, Mariah Grima 740pts, Matthias Mifsud 641pts, Roberta Cassar 425pts)

2nd Thunder Titans Team (Rylee Borg 1505pts, Kim Camilleri Lagana 937pts, Nathan Mifsud 817pts, Aaliyah Gatt 734pts, Luca Said 371pts, Sheldon Briffa 360pts)

3rd Iron Claw Team (Vlad Baldacchino 1219pts, Luke Treeby Ward 1019pts, Kaya Curmi Inguanez 903pts, Mariah Bugeja 721pts, Nathan Balzan 473pts, Larson Galea 371pts)

Marlon Attard Wins Second Place at European Shooting Championships in Croatia

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The Maltese shooter competed in the European Shotgun Championships in the skeet competition.

Marlon Attard, a Gozitan athlete who was representing Malta in the European Shooting Championships held in Osijek in Croatia, had a great performance that led him to win a silver medal in the skeet event.

Marlon Attard benefits from SportMalta’s Flexi Training Scheme, an initiative which assists athletes to train during working hours with the aim of achieving good results in competitions. He also benefits from the National Development and Social Fund through SportMalta. These athletes are at the top national level and show great potential in their sport.

The shooter opened the tournament with a display indicative of his potential in this competition, as he hit 74 of 75 targets, with a series of 25, 25 and 24. In the second series, he continued to build on this exhibition as he obtained a result of 49 out of 50, with a series of 25 and 24. Thus, he advanced to the final with a total of 123 out of 125 plates.

In the final, Attard continued to record points consistently, as he missed only four shots from the first four series. He finished the final with a total of 54 out of 60 plates, a substantial gap over the 45 of the Italian shooter Tammaro Cassandro, who finished the competition in third place.

However, this performance was not enough to get the gold, as the Greek shooter Charalambos Chaliadakis was in a phenomenal form that led him to take the maximum points, with 60 plates hit out of 60. Thus, he was the Greek who has qualified for the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris.

Attard’s excellent warning and final result are considered to be the ultimate success ever achieved by a Maltese shooter in skeet, particularly considering the prestige of this competition. This result will certainly not perhaps continue to boost his morale that, in the following competitions, he also manages to obtain a qualification for next year’s Olympics.

Shooters Liam Sciberras and Clive Farrugia were the other Maltese shooters who competed in this competition. However, totals of 69 and 71 respectively were not enough for them to secure a place in the final.

SportMalta communicates with Sports Federations, Associations, and Clubs to participate in the 9th edition of European Week of Sport

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SportMalta reaches out to Sports Federations, Associations, and Clubs, inviting them to join in the excitement of the 9th edition of the European Week of Sport. This event is all about celebrating the joy of physical activity and the many benefits it brings to individuals and communities. SportMalta believes that sports play a vital role in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and they are eager to unite with various sports organizations to make this celebration memorable.

Through effective communication, SportMalta aims to foster a sense of unity and cooperation among these different sports entities. By coming together, they can showcase the diversity and richness of sports in Malta, and by participating in the European Week of Sport, they can share their passion and enthusiasm with a wider European audience. This not only promotes Malta’s sporting culture but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and collaboration across borders.

In joining this event, Sports Federations, Associations, and Clubs have an excellent opportunity to inspire people of all ages to get involved in sports and physical activities, emphasizing the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. SportMalta looks forward to a successful partnership with these organizations in making the 9th edition of the European Week of Sport a memorable and impactful experience for all.


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Bormla and Birgu celebrate Victory Day Regatta 2023

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Bormla and Birgu won the Victory Day Regatta, which took place on Friday evening in the Grand Harbor.

The shield will be shared between the two teams for six months each, as they earned the same number of points.

Bormla won the shield for the twenty-sixth time in their history, while Birgu won it for the second time in their history.

For the first six months, Birgu will have the shield because they scored the most points, while in the second six months, the shield will be in the hands of the people from Bormla.

In Category A, Bormla and Birgu tied for first place with a total of 56 points, while Isla came in second with 26 points.

Additionally, Bormla also won Category B with a total of 80 points. Following them, Kalkara had 48 points, and Birżebbuġa had 24 points.

However, in the women’s rowing competition, Birgu emerged as the winners.

The traditional shield was presented by the Minister for Sport, Clifton Grima, who highlighted the significance of this sport. He emphasized the need to continue growing this sport and attracting more young people to ensure that this sporting tradition remains alive and well in our country.

This year’s regatta was marked by strong winds, causing some boats to capsize. Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident.

SportMalta Dives into the Future with New Olympic Size Pool at the Cottonera Sports Complex

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Prime Minister Robert Abela unveiled the New Olympic-Size Pool at the Cottonera Sports
Complex on Tuesday 5 th September 2023.
Dr. Abela talked about how this shows that the Government wants to keep spending
money on things that help everyone. He also said that the government is doing projects like
this all over the country.

The €14 million investment on this pool is going to be super useful for sports and help
Malta do well in sports.
The location of this one-of-a-kind sports project in the southern part of Malta further
underscores our commitment to building a better Malta and ensuring that progress
reaches every corner of our nation.
The investment for the GSSE extended beyond the Games themselves and sports facilities;
it encompassed millions of euros dedicated to the technical development of our athletes.
This commitment to our athletes will persist, with a €5 million allocation from the National
Development and Social Fund dedicated to further enhance their technical preparation.
The Cottonera Sports Complex features state-of-the-art technology and offers a range of
amenities, including multiple dressing rooms for both athletes and officials, dedicated
office spaces, advanced control rooms, spectator stands, and restroom facilities.
The pool, designed to meet all the requirements of World Aquatics, is equipped with
heating systems for the water and features air conditioning. This ensures optimal
conditions for training and competitions.

Dr. Clifton Grima, the Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation,
expressed his contentment with the addition of this Olympic-size pool. He emphasized that
it presents a significant opportunity for the aquatic sports sector in our country to advance,
potentially leading our athletes to even greater success.

Mark Cutajar, the chief executive of SportMalta, enthusiastically praised the new pool,
describing it as one of the finest sporting facilities in Malta. He emphasized SportMalta’s
dedication to providing athletes with top-notch facilities to help them achieve their best
possible performance on the global stage.
During the inauguration on Tuesday, Jayden Cassar, a member of the Malta U-17 water
polo national team, expressed the gratitude of Maltese athletes for having access to a pool
now considered among the best in the Mediterranean. He believes that this project will not
only attract more young people to aquatic sports but also contribute to better international
results for our country.
The high-quality facilities and opportunities for training and competition are expected to
have a positive impact on the development of aspiring athletes in Malta.
We Promise, We Deliver

Gozo clubs’ benefit from a Government scheme to support their operations

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Through two agreements signed, the Otters Aquatic Sports Club and Xewkija Tigers football club are now in a better position to operate and invest both in their respective clubs and in their athletes and sports people.

Both clubs will benefit from the SportMalta Scheme, where the Government is providing a subsidy of 95% on the acquisition of Government properties to be converted into sports facilities. The rent paid by the clubs will be placed in a ‘Sports Fund’ to be used for further investment in local sports.

The first agreement that was signed is between SportMalta and the Otters Aquatic Sports Club, through which three boathouses in the Marsalforn area have been leased to the club.

The second agreement is between SportMalta and Xewkija Tigers football club, through which a piece of land with an area of approximately 400.5 square meters has been leased to the club. This land will be used as offices.

The agreements were signed at two separate events and were presided over by the Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research, and Innovation, Clifton Grima, and the Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri.

Minister Clifton Grima said, “Sports clubs and associations contribute significantly to Maltese society and our youths. We are committed to providing every possible assistance and opportunity to ensure that this sector continues to grow. This is not only through the massive investments we are making on a national scale but also by providing direct support to clubs and sports associations. Today’s agreements are part of a series of initiatives that the Government is taking to help Maltese clubs realize their potential and continue to contribute to the Maltese economy.”

Minister Clint Camilleri stated, “The agreements signed today demonstrate the Government’s commitment to continue supporting Gozitan associations and sports clubs. This assistance reflects our plan and vision to strengthen the sports sector and raise the sporting level on the island of Gozo while continuing to invest in our sports and athletes.”

On his part, the Deputy Chairman of SportMalta, Matthew Pisani, said that SportMalta is committed to ensuring that the sports sector and all those involved receive all possible support, not only to maintain the national level but also at the level of clubs and sports associations.

Behind the Scenes: The Key to Event Preparations

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SportMalta plays a vital role in making the European Week of Sport a success. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of hard work and planning that happens to prepare for this exciting event. The key to these preparations is teamwork and dedication.

Firstly, SportMalta collaborates with various partners and organizations to create a dynamic and engaging program for the European Week of Sport. They work together to decide on the sports activities, workshops, and events that will be a part of the week. This requires careful scheduling and coordination to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Secondly, SportMalta focuses on ensuring that the venues and facilities are in top shape. It makes sure that sports fields, gyms, and other locations are ready for action. This involves maintenance, safety checks, and making any necessary improvements.

Additionally, SportMalta works on promoting the event to the public.  Uses social media, advertising, and community outreach to encourage people to participate and get active during the European Week of Sport.

In conclusion, SportMalta’s dedication and behind-the-scenes efforts are the key to the success of the European Week of Sport. Their teamwork and careful planning ensure that everything is in place for a week of sports and fitness that everyone can enjoy.


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Caritas Run for Life – October 22, 2023

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During a press conference, Caritas Malta announced information about a new event that will be added to its annual calendar as a physical activity. The “Caritas Run For Life” will take place on October 22nd, starting at 8 in the morning, starting from the San Blas Therapeutic Center in Ħaż-Żebbuġ.


10 Km race;5 Km race;2.5 Km walk;1 Km race for children between 6 and 9 years old;2.5 Km race for children between 10 and 13 years old.


In the context of societal challenges associated with substance abuse and the problems that drug addiction brings to families and individuals, Caritas Malta, while continuing its work with those seeking help, recognizes the need for campaigns promoting healthy activities and a healthy life.

Caritas Malta believes that everyone in our society – children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors – needs opportunities to experience the beauty of life. The Director of Caritas Malta noted how a significant number of residents are engaging themselves in sports activities, which have also led residents to compete in sports activities abroad. “In fact, I would like to acknowledge the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, as with the continuous support of Sportmalta, one of the slots of sporting activities in the weekly therapeutic program is organized by Sportmalta coaches. When we shared the idea of Run for Life with them, they offered their support.”

Mr. Gatt continued to explain that this investment in sports is integrated into the program at Dar Charles Miceli – Aftercare Center. Here, a highly active football team was established, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Caritas Athletics Team was also formed. This team consists of staff members working together with clients who have successfully reintegrated into society. Young people from the Ibwar Adolescent Therapeutic Center also participate in these activities.

San Blas, which opened in 1989, has seen thousands of individuals reclaim their lives from the clutches of addiction over the years. The Therapeutic Community at San Blas provides various tools to help individuals recovering from addiction. Sports play a vital role in both the program and, even more so, after the program.

“This very activity we are announcing today was an initiative from several members of our staff and clients. Together with Caritas Malta’s Prevention team, they wanted to offer activities that promote physical and sports-related activities. This activity is for those who are already active in sports and encourages those who are just beginning to take their first steps toward a more active and healthy lifestyle. Participation also involves a donation to Caritas, as the funds raised will support all the social services that Caritas provides free of charge.”

“I cannot fail to mention the support of our sponsors without whom this activity would not be possible. Our main sponsor, Convenience Shop, Go and Fun Isotonic Sport Drink, will be providing goodie bags for participants, Garmin will be offering their products as raffle prizes for participants, and GS Health and Safety,” concluded the Director of Caritas Malta.

San Blas is a beacon of new life and a powerful statement that one can live a substance-free life. The young people I met at the beginning had dabbled in all sorts of drugs, including cigarettes. They no longer turn to drugs to numb difficult emotions or to escape. Through sports, they are living life! We follow in their footsteps!”

Mr. Ray Spiteri, President of St. Patrick’s Athletic Club, reflects on the 60th anniversary celebration of the Athletics Club’s founding. He notes that the club’s beginnings trace back to the Salesians of Sliema, with its founders being Fr. Murray and Bro. O’Meara. In a few words, he expresses gratitude to Caritas for this initiative and continues, “We emphasize to our members the importance of participating in physical activities according to their abilities, as through this discipline, one can strengthen their personality.” He urges everyone to join in this run and walk in support of Caritas Malta, which does so much to help society.

Charlene Ciantar, Secretary of St. Patrick’s Athletic Club, provides technical details about the specially designed route for this activity. The route is considered fast due to its low elevation of 35 meters and is entirely in the countryside. “It is aimed at competitive and experienced athletes as well as those who want to join us for the walk, and they can also bring their dogs along. The route will be closed to traffic. Each race starts from the front and ends at the San Blas Therapeutic Center, which is undoubtedly a unique opportunity for participants, as access to San Blas is normally restricted.”

“For this activity, each participant will receive a medal and a commemorative t-shirt,” explains Charlene Ciantar. “After the race, there will be an awards presentation in the competitive categories.”


Mr. Mark Cutajar, CEO of Sportmalta, speaks about Sportmalta’s mission, which is to lead the nation towards a healthier and more inclusive life and to achieve success. “When you see something happening in Caritas centers, with this activity, Sportmalta’s mission is complete. Sports help you live a healthier life, and San Blas is a place where we assist everyone in feeling included.” Mr. Cutajar concludes by noting the significant success stories that these residents have when they participate in these activities and build themselves up. He makes an appeal for everyone to choose their route on October 22nd to show support for Caritas.

Honorable Minister Clifton Grima explains that those who seek help from Caritas are rebuilding their lives, and he encourages anyone who is in a position to help to do so. He states, “Caritas Run for Life is a celebration of all the good that Caritas does. Many know that you help people, but not everyone appreciates the enormous difference it makes in the lives of those who benefit from this service. Sportmalta lends a hand through coaches, helping residents engage in physical activities. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of St. Patrick’s Athletic Club, there couldn’t be a better gift than to join an organization that, in principle, believes in life.”

One can apply through the following link: [https://forms.office.com/e/fmFzDfQjkH](https://forms.office.com/e/fmFzDfQjkH) or on Caritas Malta’s website [caritasmalta.org](https://www.caritasmalta.org) or through the Caritas Malta Facebook page. Companies that want to join the staff or groups can contact them at 79555915 or 22199000.

SportMalta collaborates with a high-performance team for the European Week of Sport 2023

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SportMalta, along with its dedicated team, is gearing up for the exciting European Week of Sport 2023. The organization is actively conducting multiple meetings with the aim of discussing and meticulously preparing for this significant event. These meetings serve as platforms for team members to come together, share ideas, and strategize for the successful execution of the event.

The European Week of Sport is an important occasion that promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles throughout Europe. With the anticipation of a large audience and participants, SportMalta is leaving no stone unturned in its preparations. The team’s commitment and collaboration during these meetings highlight their enthusiasm and dedication to making the European Week of Sport 2023 a resounding success. Through open discussions and thorough planning, SportMalta is working diligently to ensure that the event not only runs smoothly but also effectively encourages people to embrace sports and physical activities as an integral part of their lives.

So, mark your calendars for the European Week of Sport 2023 and join us and our passionate team in celebrating the beauty of movement and the benefits of an active lifestyle. It’s a time to unite, have fun, and be part of something bigger – a community that believes in the power of sports and physical activity for a healthier and happier Malta. For further details please contact us on eventssm@sportmalta.org.mt

#BeActive with Sport Organisations

SportMalta News August 23, 2023 0

We are delighted to announce the upcoming European Week of Sport 2023 event.

Which will take place between 1st September 2023 and 15th October 2023.

The event aims to promote any kind of sports and any kind of physical activity while bringing our community together through healthy competition and/or fun-filled activities.

We believe that through Associations and Clubs we can reach the most possible amount of people. Therefore, we invited the latter to participate in the European Week of Sport by organizing an event of their choice to celebrate sports, with activities that are done in-house of their relative sport and were possible intrigue their athletes, family, and friends to participate. For the best community engagement and the best impact, we encouraged events to be focused between 23rd September 2023 and 30th September 2023 to coincide with the peak of the European Week of Sport celebration.

We therefore kindly request everyone’ s assistance in spreading the word about the European Week of Sport events and invite anyone to participate.

Let’s work together to make this year’ s European Week of Sport an unforgettable celebration of athleticism and community spirit.

We look forward to seeing you at your Association/Club unique event during the European Week of Sport

For further queries one can contact us on eventssm@sportmalta.org.mt