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Aquatic Sports Association Successful Under 12s Swimming Festival

SportMalta News April 3, 2024 0

On March 30, 2024, the Aquatic Sports Association organized an event aimed at promoting swimming among young enthusiasts. The Under 12s Swimming Festival took place at the New Cottonera Olympic Sized Pool, attracting over 100 participants from 8 different clubs. Representatives from the Malta Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, and SportMalta also attended, contributing to the inclusive atmosphere of the event.
The festival’s main goal was to introduce more children to the joys of swimming. It provided a platform for young swimmers to showcase their skills and passion, with events like the 25m Freestyle, 25m Breaststroke, and 25m Backstroke featuring spirited competition among participants.
SportMalta played a significant role in the festival, with over 20 students competing across various disciplines. Beyond the thrill of competition, the event offered participants a chance to bond with fellow swimmers and improve their skills.
The medal presentation ceremony was a highlight of the day, recognizing every participant for their dedication. The sense of achievement and camaraderie fostered during the festival inspired young swimmers to pursue their goals with renewed enthusiasm.
Events like the Under 12s Swimming Festival are essential for nurturing the next generation of swimmers. The enthusiasm and talent displayed by participants underscore the importance of providing opportunities for young athletes to excel in the sport.

As the festival concluded, the Aquatic Sports Association reiterated its commitment to promoting swimming as a vital aspect of health, fitness, and community engagement. With initiatives like the Under 12s Swimming Festival, the future of aquatic sports in Malta looks promising.

Unveiling the Future of Running: Seminar Supported by SportMalta

SportMalta News March 14, 2024 0

The running community in Malta experienced an unrivalled event on Wednesday, 13th March, at the Marsa Sports Complex, as a well-known sporting goods supplier collaborated to bring forth a seminar of unparalleled significance, supported by SportMalta.

This exclusive gathering was graced by the presence of none other than Gelindo Bordin, the legendary Italian long-distance runner whose name resonates with triumph and perseverance. Gelindo Bordin, renowned for his historic victory at the 1988 Seoul Olympics in the marathon event, stood as a beacon of inspiration for the assembled enthusiasts.

Participants were enlightened on optimal preparation techniques, dietary considerations, and tailored exercise regimes, laying the groundwork for success in the demanding realm of long-distance running.

Among the distinguished attendees was SportMalta’s Chairman, Matthew Pisani, whose presence underscored the significance of this event. His unwavering support, alongside that of SportMalta, paved the way for an unforgettable experience for all involved.

The Second Edition of CARITAS RUN FOR LIFE is announced

SportMalta News March 12, 2024 0

During a press conference Caritas Malta conveyed information about the second edition of Caritas Run For Life, which entered the Caritas calendar as an annual physical activity.

The second edition of Caritas Run For life, will take place on May 12th 2024 – a run or walk from the San Blas Therapeutic Center in Zebbuġ and back.

10 Km race – 5 Km race – 4Km walk and 1Km race for children between 6 and 9 years and 2.5km race for children between 10 and 13 years.

Caritas Malta believes that in our society everyone – children, adolescents, young people, adults and the elderly – needs opportunities where one can experience the beauty of living and living a healthy life away from substances and all that which hinders man from living with his full dignity.

The Director of Caritas Malta, Mr. Anthony Gatt thanked the many who are supporting the second edition of Caritas Run For Life, as it is an activity that includes a lot of logistics and preparations.

He started by mentioning two particular experiences that hit him immensely after last year’s activity; a person who came up to him and told him that she had never done any physical activity and it was precisely Caritas Run For Life that gave her a push and started moving and since then she continued to get involved in physical activities, and another person, a rehabilitation client in one of the houses of Caritas Malta who expressed that she never imagined that a wonderful activity like Caritas Run For Life would give you that healthy pleasure without needing substances.

“The feeling of repeating it has two objectives – last year’s great competition because it encourages a healthy life and also the element of fundraising. Caritas Malta is in favor of a healthy life and for about 35 years has been dealing with the reality of substances that dominate people in addiction. Even today we face the reality of cannabis and cocaine as substances that are entering more and more into our society; laxity that puts young people at risk and people who find in drugs alienation and escape from life. Currently 58 residents are doing a residential therapeutic program in one of Caritas Malta’s homes. Last year over 750 people came for help together with over 550 people related to someone with problematic drug use. Apart from direct aid, prevention is an important task and Caritas Run for Life is part of the prevention strategy. For us this means promotion for a healthy life away from drugs. When one takes care of one’s health even the health services system goes well”. This is what the director of Caritas explained, while he also spoke about the importance of fundraising to support the services offered by Caritas Malta, which are all free of charge. He ended by thanking Sportmalta who give continuous support throughout the year to Caritas Malta’s residential homes, St Patrick’s Athletic Club collaborators in logistics, The Convenience Shop as the main sponsor for the support that Caritas has always found when it loved the door, Enemed, GO & Fun isotonic sport drink, Eurosport, Garmin, Mediterrenean College of Sport who support the training of residents, GS Health and Safety, Toto Perżuta Carnival Company, Malta Public Transport, Malta Police Force, LESA, to the Council of Zebbug, St John Ambulance and Rescue, and Pen 2 paper.

SportMalta representative, Ms Rose Marie Mercieca, spoke about the importance of a person moving. The lack of physical activity brings about non-communicable diseases which can be avoided if one keeps oneself active.

“That is SportMalta’s mission. SportMalta works hand in hand with Caritas Malta, in fact in addition to the contribution in Caritas Run For Life, SportMalta gives continuous support throughout the year to residents in rehabilitation homes. When you work with these clients you realize the beauty that through sport we can give dignity back to the person. This activity was very successful, in fact last year’s number of participants  exploded and I have no doubt that it will happen again in this second edition of Caritas run for life,” she concluded.

Mr Ray Spiteri President of St Patrick’s Athletic Club said that the club feels honored that they will once again give assistance to Caritas Malta. “We learned a lot after the first experience of Caritas Run For Life and we will continue to improve this second edition. We have created more categories in the different ages between 30 and 70 years old who can win a trophy for first, second and third place. We responded to those who attended the walk and felt that 2.5km was a short walk and we increased it to 4km, and we will also add more security to our roads. The 10km and 5km will remain the same. We have also added a trophy in recognition of that club or school that will have the most people registered on its behalf participating.” Mr. Spiteri explained this while encouraging clubs and OCR’s to encourage their athletes to attend even with the chance of this trophy.

Mr. Andrew Attard the Executive Assistant to the Director of The Convenience Shop explained that from the very beginning The Convenience Shop believed in this activity and the many beauties it brings. “It is an activity that feels like it has been happening for many years and it is not that it is its 2nd edition. The Convenience Shop strongly believes in being behind Caritas as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. This is the human aspect of being close to people who are so in need – drugs are so addictive more than ever, so we have to invest more in people through physical activities. As a company we encourage more companies to do as we did and together with their workers register to attend Caritas Run For Life and be proactive in something so great and beautiful together.” Mr. Attard concluded while also encouraging employers to, like The Convenience Shop do, be ready to reintegrate people back into the world of work in a job as soon as they complete a program because work gives dignity and restores ‘ be welcomed in society.


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Technology finds its way into the sport of Sailing, making it even more environmentally friendly

SportMalta News February 4, 2024 0

Have you ever wondered what the traditional mark laying before a sailing regatta, involves? Well in this article you will learn that it is not just a question of leaving a buoy on the water for sailors to go round during a race.  

In the world of sailing regattas, the art of mark laying emerges as a pivotal element, orchestrating the creation of a challenging yet equitable course. This meticulous process involves strategic positioning of markers, considering factors like wind direction and strength. Coordination with the Race Committee, precise placement of starting and finishing marks, and the deployment of windward and leeward markers contribute to the seamless execution of the regatta. Adapting to wind shifts, ensuring safety through well-anchored marks, and transparent communication with competitors enhance the overall racing experience. The mark laying procedure, with its vigilant monitoring during races and diligent post-race retrieval, serves as the unsung hero, guaranteeing the integrity and excitement of every sailing competition. 

You might realize that all this needs special skills and most of all, it is time consuming. The Malta Sailing Federation explored the market to mitigate this situation. In the realm of maritime technology, the advent of GPS buoys marks a significant stride in enhancing navigation precision and facilitating scientific exploration. These buoys are ingeniously designed with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, enabling real-time tracking of their exact geographical coordinates. Widely applied in marine navigation, oceanography, and environmental monitoring, GPS buoys play a pivotal role in capturing a dynamic snapshot of our oceans. Beyond mere location tracking, these buoys often incorporate additional sensors to gather valuable data on factors like water temperature, salinity, and weather conditions. This comprehensive information, transmitted to central monitoring stations or accessed remotely, not only bolsters maritime safety but also fuels scientific research and environmental stewardship. The GPS buoy, a beacon of technological innovation, stands as a crucial tool in unraveling the mysteries of our vast and intricate oceans.                 

SportMalta, through its NDSF funds, purchased a set of these buoys which according to the President of the Malta Sailing Federation, Michael Mifsud, were a game changer for the world of dinghy sailing in Malta. 

The GPS buoys were blessed today by Fr Ruben, the Chaplin of Birżebbuġa, at the Birżebbuġa Sailing Club, where an international regatta is taking place.  

Vice-Chairman of SportMalta, Matthew Pisani, said that SportMalta is always willing to assist sport organizations and said that he was impressed by the dedication of the young talent present at the venue. 

Honorable Clifton Grima, who officially presented the GPS Buoys to the Malta Sailing Federation, said that the he was glad that the equipment would not just facilitate the work of the numorous volunteers, but also they continue to assist this sport to be even more environmentally sustainable.             

SportMalta is also assisting the sailing clubs, members of the Malta Sailing Federation with a high standard motor dinghy each, which vessels are highly efficient during regattas with their special specifications to fit the purpose. 

A €5.5 million investment in a new Sportmalta Facility at the Marsa Sport Complex.

SportMalta News January 20, 2024 0

Following the successful conference Celebrating Sport in Malta held last week, SportMalta wrote another important page in its history with Prime Minister Robert Abela accompanied by Minister for Sport Clifton Grima and SportMalta CEO Mark Cutajar inaugurated a €5.5 million Complex in Marsa.

This new development inaugurated is another complex in a chain of facilities that SportMalta has been constantly constructing for the benefit of the sporting community in Malta. 

After various upgrades of existing facilities in the surroundings, which included the 1st and 2nd phase of the Marsa Athletics’ Stadium as well as the restoration of the 1903 building, it is also yet another project out of a series of projects within the upgrade of the Marsa Sports Complex, in line with this Government’s vision, and plan, for the creation of the comprehensive Marsa Sports’ Village.

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The new complex was constructed to replace an existing derelict building which was constructed in the 1990s and never utilised. On Ground Floor, it houses a multi-purpose hall with sprung flooring that can be used for various activities. There are also changing rooms with showers and various rooms providing office space for Malta Netball Association, Malta Rugby Union, Malta Softball and Baseball Association and Malta Gymnastics Federation. It also provides meeting rooms to accommodate the needs of the clubs and federations as well as SportMalta’s own management of the Marsa Complex. On the first floor then, within the glass paned steel structure which complements distinctively the surrounding natural environment and the historic 1903 building, the complex has a 900 square metre floor area to accommodate Gymnastics and other sport.  The facility has a minimum clear height of 9 metres, serving well the regulatory requirements of the discipline, as well as a wooden sprung flooring covering the whole area. The complex also has various installations of gymnastics’ apparatus such as spring flooring, uneven bars, beam, parallel bars, etc. It also houses a spectator stand which can accommodate up to 300 seated persons, making this facility suitable to be used for competitions occasionally, thus providing our athletes with adequate space to showcase their performance of the discipline further to being a dedicated training venue, which without doubt, will be of the greatest benefit to the sport and our athletes.

Prime Minister Robert Abela referred to the determination of the children he met in this sports complex during the inauguration, and their desire to roam in the sport. Here, he reiterated that the Government would continue to invest in them because we want them to be able to aspire in Malta as much as any child from another country. “That is what we want for our children, that is the result of the work we are doing so that this is the guarantee we give them.”

He concluded that we also give this same guarantee to our communities, with projects like this one, which in its design uses the principle that from the investment in the new facilities, the community also benefits, which today from a building that had been abandoned since the year it was built, has a sports facility of the highest level together with a multipurpose hall that you can use.

 “This is our vision for the communities. Healthy, vibrant, well-served, inclusive, clean and beautiful communities. Therefore, we are investing in communities more than ever, whatever the sector. I believe, however, that the sports sector beyond the sports facilities is also a reflection of the values ​​and aspirations we embrace as a community, as a country. We must continue to build a Malta where sport is not only a career or a hobby, but also remains a source of pride, of national unity and of inspiration not only for today’s generations but also for those of tomorrow.”

Minister Clifton Grima looked at the work being done with an unprecedented investment in this sports hub, part of a national plan for this sector and said, “It is part of our vision to make this the sports hub complex, which includes facilities for various sports disciplines and of the best level. A vision through which we are aiming for our country to have sports facilities of international standards that serve as a foundation for the sports industry. In this way, we will not only continue to put our country’s name on the world sports map, but attract investment to our country, also through sports tourism.”

The CEO of SportMalta, Mark Cutajar, said that in the last ten years, SportMalta has grown, in terms of facilities and human resources, both in terms of training and knowledge. “SportMalta has fully looked at the present strategy, one of the foundations of which is the sports facilities, and is developing these plans into a reality of the best level in order to accommodate athletes of various disciplines, the sports associations and to the general public.”  During the opening over 50 athletes of the SportMalta OntheMove Academy were the first to perform in a display prepared with their coaches for this event.  Sport Promotion Unit within SportMalta also invited over 200 students from the National Sport School and Marsa Primary who took part in activities related to fitness and gymnastics. 

Marsa Sports Complex Road Closure

SportMalta News January 18, 2024 0

Kindly be informed that due to the ongoing by the WSC, as from next Monday 22nd January access by vehicles to the Marsa Sports Complex (Athletics Stadium and grounds) from Aldo Moro str will be closed (marked in red).

It is being suggested for ease of access to Marsa Sports Complex, one must approach from Qormi (Park and ride bus terminus in front of Centre Park shopping mall) and park in the Marsa football ground (marked in orange) and then proceed by foot to the athletics track and grounds


Successful “Let’s Move Malta” Week Celebrated Unity Through Sports

SportMalta News November 13, 2023 0

From November 6th to 10th, 2023, the “Let’s Move Malta” initiative was a big success. It brought the community together for a happy celebration of sports and friendship.

The week started on Monday at the Kirkop Complex with a Special Olympics event from 5 pm to 7 pm. There were activities like Table Tennis, Bocce, Various Sports, and Basketball. The atmosphere was lively, and it made people feel connected through shared enjoyment.

On Tuesday, there were activities for senior citizens at Saint Vincent De Paule, bringing fun exercises to promote active lifestyles for Malta’s seniors.

Wednesday was exciting with a collaboration between the Civil Service, Sportmalta, and the Malta Employees Sport Association at the Marsa Sports Complex. From 12:30 pm to 3:45 pm, employees played Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Cross Country, encouraging healthy competition and team spirit.

Thursday started with Caritas at San Blas hosting a morning filled with sports activities like Tic Tac Toe, Turn the Tarp, Logo Puzzle Relay, Build the Pyramid on swimming boards, Find the Pair Relay, 7-a-side football, handball, and Tug of War. The day ended at 11 am, leaving participants feeling thrilled.

Closing the week on a high note, Friday’s School Sports Day at Cottonera Sports Complex brought schools together for a morning of spirited sports activities in the main hall.

The entire week showed how powerful sports can be in bringing people together, creating unity, and making lasting memories. “Let’s Move Malta” was more than just an event; it was a celebration that touched every participant, leaving behind a legacy of shared joy and community spirit.

St. Thomas More College Middle & Secondary School in Zejtun – SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023 Event

SportMalta News November 10, 2023 0

In addition to organizing this successful Sports Day, St. Thomas More College Middle & Secondary School in Zejtun also proudly participated in the annual SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023. The main aim was to show how physical activity can boost academic performance and encourage inclusiveness through sports. This event aligned perfectly with the #Beactve campaign, which emphasizes the link between being active and improved health and academic achievements.

The Sports Day featured a wide range of activities designed to test agility, balance, coordination, speed, and strength. These activities included flat fun races, Tug of War, and possession games, all of which helped students develop their physical abilities and foster teamwork.

The event was a great success, with students actively engaging in various activities, showcasing their physical talents, and forming new friendships. It underlined the significance of physical fitness, not just for overall well-being but also for academic success.

St. Thomas More College Middle & Secondary School remains committed to promoting a culture of active and healthy living among its students through such events. This Sports Day was a testament to their dedication to the well-rounded development of their students.

This collaboration with SportMalta further exemplified the school’s commitment to promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among its students. The SportMalta Schools Sports Day provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their athletic talents, compete with other schools, and foster a sense of sportsmanship.

Malta Badminton Team Wins Bronze In European Championships

SportMalta News November 10, 2023 0

Malta won the bronze medal in the first edition of the European Championships after defeating the Faroe Islands 3-1.

SportMalta hosted the championships for the teams at the Cottonera Sports Complex, with a total of eight participating countries.

The Maltese team won two matches in their group and lost one, advancing to the semifinals where they were defeated by Cyprus.

Today, they achieved victory against the Faroe Islands, the same team that had beaten Malta in the group stage, securing the third place in the Championships.

Team Malta was composed of Francesca Clark, Samuel Cassar, Matthew Abela, Lauren Azzopardi, Nigel Degaetano, Elenia Haber, and Matthew Galea, led by Head Coach Matthew Haynes.

SportMalta Exciting Volleyball Staff Event

SportMalta News October 23, 2023 0

On Friday, October 20th, 2023, at 1:45 PM, the Cottonera Sports Complex’s Main Hall was filled with excitement as the Volleyball Staff Event took place. The event brought together staff members for an afternoon of fun and camaraderie. It turned out to be a great success, with everyone coming together to enjoy the day. Laughter and smiles filled the air as teams battled it out on the volleyball court. Memorable moments were captured in photos, preserving the happiness shared by all. There were a total of six teams in action. After some intense matches, the best team emerged victorious, claiming the top spot. The second-best team displayed impressive skills and secured the second runner-up position. It was a day of sportsmanship and teamwork that will be cherished by all who participated. The Volleyball Staff Event will be remembered not just for the games but also for the unity it fostered among the staff. It was a day where work colleagues became teammates, and the spirit of friendly competition reigned