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#OnTheMove is back – 19th Edition

SportMalta News September 15, 2022 0

#OnTheMove is back for its 19th Edition, the biggest and most popular programme for kids and adults is back in different venues with sessions at different times to fit your routine.

The sessions will begin on the 15th of October and make their way till the 26th of May.  One can take part in various sports and fitness activities, most definitely you will find something that you will like and keep you active!

Sessions are available to all ages from young children to adults tailoring for different levels. With the notion that sport is for everyone, regardless of age or means, #OnTheMove hopes to boost sports activism from a young age.

You can book now and join the fun through

#BeActive Beach Games in Portugal

SportMalta News September 14, 2022 0

On the 3rd and 4th of September the Casaru family travelled to Portimao, Portugal to take part in the #BeActive Beach Games. This competition was made up of families of two adults and children between the age of 7 and 15. Representing Malta we had Kevin, Michelle, Juan and Matias Casaru. Both Kevin and Michelle train long distance running while Juan and Matias train badminton and swimming.

The aim these games are organized is to encourage European residents from all demographic groups to participate in sports and physical outdoor activities on the beach, with a special emphasis on multigenerational families, using beaches and waterside regions as the primary settings.

Our ambassadors, family Casaru competed in the European Family Cup, where 12 tasks tested the physical ability, intellect, and sense of teamwork of families from various nations. The games involved where various from SUP Board races to 5k runs and swimming in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Overall, Kevin Casaru came 6th male while Michelle Casaru came 5th in the female division. The family gave an amazing performance and truly made everyone proud while having fun and #BeActive.

Launch of the European Week of Sport 2022

SportMalta News September 12, 2022 0

This morning at the Royal Malta Golf Club in Marsa, SportMalta launched the 2022 edition of the European Week of Sport.



Rose Marie Mercieca the national coordinator for Malta gave a brief description of the path of this event from its inception.  She said that the European Week of Sport was launched in 2015 to respond to the growing crisis of inactivity. Sport and physical activity make a significant contribution to the well-being of European citizens.

Malta’s level of physical activity improved throughout these years but surely not enough. No matter who we are and what we do, even slight increases in regular, physical activity can have a profound impact on our long-term health, she said.  Sport Malta’s mission statement is to improve awareness on the importance of an active lifestyle has for everyone.

Chief Executive Officer of SportMalta Mark Cutajar gave details of the events which will take place this year.  The two flagship events will happen in the weekend of the 24th and the 25th of September.  The Cottonera Sport Complex will host the #BeActive Night on the 24th.  The event will focus on physical fitness and inclusivity.  Special Olympics Malta will organise several activities echoing the success of the International Games.  Fitness, Dance, Zumba, Piloxing and many other activities will create a vibrant atmosphere Cutajar said.  The traditional Main National Event this year will be held at the Marsa Grounds on Sunday 25th.  Many associations and clubs will organise events during the day in a sport village.  There will also be other activities organised by clubs, associations and other government entities.  Cutajar announced this year’s ambassadors namely Ronnie Spiteri a SportMalta plantroom employee who was a referee in this year’s under 16 World Cup water polo final, weightlifting champion Tenisha Thornton, Thomas Borg representing the Paralympic Movement and Sam Micallef representing Special Olympics together with Commonwealth Bronze Medalist the Judoka Katryna Esposito.



Minister Clifton Grima said that he is so proud when athletes represent Malta and manage to get results.  He invited ambassadors to spread the message to engage the whole population to practice sport and physical activity.  Minister Grima said that schools can play a fundamental role by inculcating in students the importance to be physically active.  He said that the Government is doing its part by investing in new facilities.  These facilities will help to increase the number of athletes.  He also invited Local Councils to help and promote the message.


For more information you can contact SportMalta on 22036275 or by email on

Hospice Movement Festa Sport

SportMalta News September 10, 2022 0

On the 29th of June Hospice Malta along with SportMalta worked on creating Festa Sport, a collaboration with various Sport Associations to create a fun afternoon filled with Sport while collecting donations for the Hospice Malta movement.

Last week Rose Marie Mercieca along with the presence of members from the Associations presented the money collected to Mr. Andrew Zammit, Hospice Representative. The Associations that took part in Festa Sport where Badminton Malta, Malta Volleyball Association, Malta Netball Association, Aquatic Sports Association, and the Malta Billiard and Snooker Association.

Mr. Andrew Zammit explained how from a simple idea it turned out to be an amazing event in which players and athletes pitched in and got together to give their input when Hospice Malta needed their help. Ms. Rose Marie Mercieca presented the sum gathered by the Associations which was the beautiful amount of €3263.39. She spoke about the importance of collaborating and how SportMalta will always be a shoulder and helping hand for anyone in need.

They both closed off the presentation by explaining that this will not be the only edition of this event but they are working to create a bigger event next year and getting more awareness and Associations to take part in this Sporting event, Festa Sport. 


SportMalta News June 13, 2022 0

The logo design for the 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe, just under a year before the competition is set to begin was unveiled on Monday by the Maltese Olympic Committee and Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation Dr Clifton Grima.



Created by local agency The Concept Stadium based on inspiration drawn from designs produced by students, who were invited to participate in the process in a competition launched last December for school children aged between 10 and 18.

The logo merges the famous Olympic rings with the sea, fish and a Maltese icon recognized by many –the eye symbol. The eye has, over the years blended into several aspects of Maltese culture, starting from the famous Gardjola in Senglea to the Maltese boats called Luzzu as well as integrated in local fashion.  The colours of the Olympic rings were merged to highlight Malta’s values of diversity and inclusion through the blending of the different colours,  creating new colours and hues when overlapping each other.  

“I congratulate all participating students who contributed towards the inspiration of the logo we are launching today”, augured Minister Grima. “This was a great opportunity for our school children to take part in the organisation of these games, and their contribution will be widely showcased, putting yet again Malta on the International map”, said Minister Grima. 

“Today’s launch is another important milestone which brings us closer to the Games.  We are very excited to present this logo, which we believe will be quickly recognised and a wonderful calling card for Malta as we build up the momentum towards the Games.” explained Julian Pace Bonello, President of the Maltese Olympic Committee.  

Games Local Organising Committee Co-Chairman Mark Cutajar congratulated athletes who performed excellently over the weekend in various international events. He continued to explain that today’s event is a link in the chain of events that are required to host the Games in Malta next year.  The preparation for the Games, requires an equal effort from the athletes and the organising committee, to guarantee a successful and memorable event.  Without keeping the balance equal on both fronts, this will not be possible.

The Logo was then unveiled by Minister Dr Grima and MOC President Mr Pace Bonello, following a brief explanation from Jonathan Dalli, one of the founders of the marketing agency The Concept Stadium.  

Camilleri, Cremona win SportMalta Charity Marathon

SportMalta News March 7, 2022 0

A visibly emotional Alan Camilleri was the first to cross the SportMalta Charity Marathon
finish line today in Sliema. Camilleri, a favourite to be one of the front runners delivered a
well executed race, when he completed the distance in 2 hours 33 minutes 18 seconds.
Camilleri started the race well behind other favourite Andrew Grech who led the way until
Santa Venera when Camilleri overtook to make his way to his first marathon win. Gracious
in victory he waited for, what he referred to as his idol, Grech who finished in second place in
a time of 2:41:43. In third place was Clyde Sciberras, who finished in a time of 2:56:40.

The females’ race was won by Margaret Cremona who, hailing from the triathlon scene, was
taking part in her first Marathon. She finished the distance in 3:32:45. She was followed by
Olwyn Dunne who finished nearly six minutes after her. Sarah Nicols took up the third place
on the females’ podium in a time of 3:44.05. The second Maltese female to finish was
Marquita Muscat followed by Camilla Higgins.

Half Marathon

Maltese National Champion Dillon Cassar showed his dominant form as he finished the race
in 1:05:17. Cassar who currently has been focusing on 5k and 10k races in preparation for the
forthcoming Half Marathon distance in the Mediterranean Games in Oran, was a favourite
but today’s result was not expected. Cassar finished nearly five minutes ahead of Luke
Micallef. In third place was Simon Spiteri, who eventually edged Charlton Debono to third

Female favourites Roberta Schembri and Lisa Bezzina ran for most of the route with each
other in tow, however in the end it was Schembri who prevailed. Schembri crossed the finish
line in 1:17:35, followed by Lisa Bezzina. Bezzina, who recently ran her first Marathon in
Valencia finished in 1:19.0. Third placed was Irish athlete Catherine Thornton who clocked a
time of 1:22.42.

“Today’s race was about giving athletes the opportunity to run on home ground, after months
of preparation. Despite the short time frame we had to bring all this together the synergy
between all stakeholders made it possible for a successful race to take place” enthused Mark
Cutajar, CEO SportMalta. “It makes us proud to see many Maltese taking their place on the
podium, particularly since there was a strong international presence. On behalf of the
organising team I congratulate all those taking part”.

The SportMalta Charity Marathon was organised in collaboration with Transport Malta and
held under the auspices of Athletics Malta. The organisers would like to thank local running
Clubs Birkirkara St Joseph Sports Club and Agones SFC for their invaluable logistical help.

Official Results of the SportMalta Charity Marathon can be found here –

Agreement between all entities on the Marathon

SportMalta News February 20, 2022 0

There was a full discussion on the route of the Marathon at the meeting of the Traffic Management Committee held on Thursday 17 February 2022 at the Transport Authority. It took into account both the proposal by Mr Joe Micallef and the amended route proposed by Transport Malta.Members discussed the proposed routes and unanimously agreed that the route proposed by Transport Malta was safe, would cause the least inconvenience, would not disrupt public transport and would be acceptable to athletes.

The meeting was attended by the Police, the Mater Dei Emergency, the Tourism Authority, representatives of the Malta Chamber for SMEs, representatives from the Business Community of the St. Julian’s area and Sliema, LESA, Public Transport Officers, Civil Protection, Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Infrastructure Malta and by different directorates from the Transport Authority.Yesterday Mr Micallef had agreed to be part of the organizing team and that the services he had already ordered could be used for the event.

Inaugurated a Basketball Court and an Exercise Machines in Birżebbuġa

SportMalta News February 20, 2022 0

At Pretty Bay in Birżebbuġa, the Minister for Inclusion, Quality of Life and Volunteering Julia Farrugia Portelli, officially inaugurated 3 x 3 basketball court, along with machines for exercise.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli emphasized the importance of physical exercise and work to ensure that these open sites continue to be enjoyed by the public. This site also offers the accessibility for people with disabilities, who can play the game so dear to them, basketball.

Form his part, the Mayor of Birżebbuġa, Scott Camilleri, said that with such a project, Birżebbuġa could be the sports village that can regenerate this beautiful locality. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sport and Sport Malta.

Thanks to the Minister for Education and Sport the Honorable Clifton Grima, and Cap SportMalta Executive Mr Mark Cutajar, together with Mayor Scott Camilleri, for their help in this project.

Joint statement by Transport Malta and SportMalta 17 February 2022

SportMalta News February 18, 2022 0

Safety and protection of athletes are a priority at the SportMalta Charity Marathon on 6 th March. The
safety and protection of athletes is an absolute priority in the SportMalta Charity Marathon which is
being held in collaboration with Transport Malta. This was stated during a press conference in the
offices of Transport Malta by the Executive Chairman of Transport Malta Joseph Bugeja and the
Chief Executive Officer of SportMalta Mark Cutajar. This marathon will be held with the support of
Athletics Malta also since this is a competitive activity. The SportMalta Charity Marathon will take
place on March 6, 2022. Joseph Bugeja stated that he felt the need to hold two meetings with the
marathon organizers to discuss the need for minimum changes in the route, as has happened in
previous cases. Mr Bugeja explained that the request to the Authority to hold this competition at
national level was submitted only a few weeks ago. He said that in the face of such submissions, the
priority for the Authority would be to safeguard road safety, the safety of athletes, emergencies, and
the needs of public transport. He referred to the meeting held with the Traffic Management
Committee which includes all stakeholders including the Police, Civil Protection and the Department
of Health during which they approved the route of the SportMalta Charity Marathon. This same
route was suggested to the Malta Marathon organizer.

He said that was why it was decided that in collaboration with SportMalta and with respect to the
training of athletes, this marathon will continue with an effort between the two entities. SportMalta
Chief Executive Officer Mark Cutajar said that the aim of the entity is to facilitate sports activities
both nationally and internationally. He mentioned that he was in contact with the Malta Marathon
organizer to give his suggestions to the Health Authorities to change the protocols, which protocols
have been changed, but this too was not acceptable to the organizer. He said that together with the
organizer he had a meeting with Transport Malta, in which meeting the organizer did not accept the
proposed minimum changes. He mentioned that with the help of the associations and clubs
registered with SportMalta, a collective effort is being made to keep this marathon running
smoothly. He reiterated that SportMalta never enters competition with associations and individuals
but rather incentivizes them through a fund of half a million euros to attract sports activities to our
country. Both entities have invited everyone who wants to contribute to come forward, including
the organizer of the Malta Marathon, so that March 6 will once again be a celebration of sport and
national unity. The route that the athletes will take along with the registration application will be
published in the next few hours.

Ħal Far Model Flying Association to be given alternative site

SportMalta News February 15, 2022 0

The Hal Far Model Flying Association will be relocated, according to Minister for Education and Sport
Clifton Grima and Minister for Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri.
The €20 million motor racetrack will be built on the property that is currently utilized by the association.
Indis Malta Ltd, SportMalta, the Lands Authority, and the HFMFA have all signed an agreement. Luciano
Busuttil, Chairman of SportMalta, commented on the teamwork between all parties involved, including
ministries and entities, in reaching this agreement that allows the Association to continue to perform its

The Minister of Sport has declared that the HFMFA’s headquarters and activities will be relocated to a
new facility within the Hal Far zone. The buildings were no longer ideal or adequate to carry out the
club’s activities as requested by the members due to developments around the current site. The sport
organization will now be able to carry out its activities and maybe organize international events related to
this activity as a result of the new buildings and facilities.