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European Schools Sport Day Flagship Event at National Pool Tal-Qroqq 14th October 2022

SportMalta News October 13, 2022 0

On Friday 14th October 2022 SportMalta in collaboration with the European Commission will celebrate the European School Sport Day.  For this event over 500 students will be part of a the Flagship Event  at the National Pool Complex, Tal-Qroqq.

In order to ensure the safety of our students, SportMalta would like to advise our National Pool athletes and members that tomorrow between 05:30 and 12:00 hours part of the National Pool parking will be closed.

SportMalta apologizes for any inconvenience.

Transnational Project Meeting of the Open Data for Sport Governance project in Slovenia

SportMalta News October 10, 2022 0

Open Data for Sport Governance is an Erasmus+ project (within the category of promoting and supporting good governance in sport), co-funded by the European Union, led by the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC Barcelona), and developed jointly with the collaboration of the Centre for Law and Economics of Sport (CDES, France), the Lithuanian Sports Federation (LUSF, Lithuania), the Centre for the Organisation for Sports Education (OPES, Italy), SPORTMALTA (Malta), the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ, Portugal) and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (Slovenia).

The overall objective of the project is to create a governance and management tool to analyse, compare and help European sport organisations to be managed in a more efficient and transparent way. The aim is therefore to help sport managers by providing them with data on management indicators and, through the IT tool, to position their organisation in comparison with the score of the sport organisations participating in the project. In this way, the tool can become a source of information that assists sport organisations in setting their short- and long-term objectives.
The project focuses on the evaluation of sports organisations in terms of eight dimensions, considering various parameters and indicators in each of them. Thus, the IT tool provides the positioning of the entities in relation to Governance, Strategy, Sport, Marketing, Human Resources, Procedures and Technology, Social Responsibility, and Finance. The platform provides all this information visually through bar charts, comparative tables, and colours to help interpret the data provided.

In a first phase, the project was aimed at sports organisations such as sports federations, clubs, and multi-sports clubs. The project analysed sports modalities common to the 7 countries participating in the project, such as football, basketball, swimming, tennis, and athletics, but also some specific sports from each of the countries. Finally, the project sample consists of a total of 518 sports organisations (83 sports federations and 434 clubs, of which 50 are multi-sports clubs).

Data collection was approached by means of a structured questionnaire to obtain primary quantitative and qualitative data from the sports organisations.
The results of applying a multi-dimensional framework of analysis across sport organisations reveals a wide range of scores across all organisations and considerable room for improvement against the metrics. While it may not be necessary to quantify performance in all these areas to understand that there are opportunities for improvement, we believe that this analytical perspective can help organisations to set their short and medium-term priorities, and consequently to promote change (at individual, organisational or sectoral level) in those areas where there is room for improvement. In conclusion, this project can contribute to the sustainability and consolidation of the sport model of our sport organisations.

Those responsible for the project would like to thank the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia, the General Secretariat of Sport and all those responsible of sports federations and clubs for the support necessary to develop this project.

This project has been co-funded by the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia and the European Union, in the framework of the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of the consortium of partner associations working on the Open Data For Sport Governance initiative and can in no way be taken to reflect the position of the INEFC, the European Union or the management structures of the Erasmus+ Sport programme.

#BeActive Snooker Competition

SportMalta News October 5, 2022 0

During this year’s edition of the European Week of Sport at the Snooker Academy in Ħamrun, a competition was organized in two different categories, the men’s on a ‘knock out with handicap’ basis and another for children who attend SportMalta’s coaching and training programm, On The Move.

The children’s competition started during the main activity that took place in the Cottonera Complex after the maintenance work that was recently done in this place with new surface or rather new cloth on the snooker table that is located in this the complex. From ten boys and one girl who took part, Xavier Rizzo and Andrei Cini got the best results and qualified for the final of this category which took place on the same day of the men’s competition final.


In the men’s category 32 participants took part and before the final each phase was played on the basis of the best score from 5 frames. In the semifinals Philip Ciantar and Joseph Casha defeated Ivan Attard and Aaron Busuttil respectively.

The two finals took place on Friday 30 September and the first final was the Under 16 where Xavier Rizzo won against Andrei Cini with a score of 2-0. After this final, Mrs. Rose Marie Mercieca, Head of the Events Department within SportMalta, presented the trophies to the finalists.

The men’s final was played on the best of seven frames and even though Philip Ciantar started with a disadvantage of 7 points in each frame due to the ‘handicap’ system he still managed to win and beat Joseph Casha with a final score of 4-1. The Chairman of SportMalta, Dr Andrew Decelis after this final made the presentations to Ciantar as the winner and Casha as runner up.

Present for this activity was also the CEO of SportMalta, Mr. Mark Cutajar.

Kicking off #BeActive – European Week of Sport

SportMalta News September 29, 2022 0

The Valletta Football Academy hosted a week full of fun and being #Active, they organised a Football tournament under the name of World Cup Tournament.

In the Salinos Ground 8 teams with a total of 64 youngsters took part, this tournament brought together children from different backgrounds and lifestyles to enjoy sport and #BeActive together. The tournament was held on a team round robin basis moving on to a knockout leading to the finals.\

The event was held from the 12th of September till the 17th of September, you can find detailed times of upcoming events on our European Week of Sport calendar which include events that you can take part in or attend so that we keep on moving, doing exercise and always #BeActive.

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On the 14th of September the Malta Netball Association organised an event consisting of non-players and elite players to introduce new individuals to netball and experience the sport for the first time.

This activity was a part of the Mellieha Sports Club 75th Anniversary and along with SportMalta and #BeActive this event was possible to attract many individuals. The Mellieha female team was made up of various ages, including players that play in the Open Senior Team and also the U21 Team. It was a great and successful event to get players of all ages involved and #Beactive.

To view more events during the European Week of Sport and motivate yourself to #BeActive visit our calendar link to see all the upcoming events

#BeActive Locally and Abroad – Triathlon

SportMalta News September 29, 2022 0

Agones SFC is part of the Youth Tri for Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle youth exchange organised by Tri Team Sofia. From the 16th of September Agones SFC took part in a youth exchange Erasmus+ programme, held in Bulgaria.

The two organizations’ objectives are to advance triathlon as a sport and, via the sharing of best practices and expertise, to advance accessibility, program creation, and promotion of the sport.

This allowed all athletes to get a unique feel of the sport internationally and #BeActive with foreign athletes. You can view various events happening during the next few weeks on our European Week of Sport calendar which you can access through the link below:







Sailing the way to being #BeActive

SportMalta News September 29, 2022 0

On the 21st of September the Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport organised a Double Handed event which hosted 16 boats participating in 2 passage races from Marsaxlokk Bay to Hofriet Bay and back. Participants where of different ages and promoted inclusion in the sport of Sailing.

The association would like to thank all helpers to coordinated and supported the event and pushed forwards the importance of #BeActive to celebrate a healthy lifestyle during the European Week of Sport.

To view more events happening throughout the next few weeks in which you can be a part of, visit the link below and #BeActive.

#BeActive – Let’s Go Sailing

SportMalta News September 28, 2022 0

Vikings Sailing Club organised an event on the 25th of September 2022 to introduce new individuals to the sport of Sailing. They organised fun activities so that people learn more about possible sailing courses and get a taster session by having one of the coaches or experienced volunteers that took individuals for a sail around Marsamxett harbour to feel the rush that sailing brings.

Initiatives like this help to introduce different sports which people of different ages can try out and enjoy. The event took place at the Floriana Sailing Xatt it-Tiben and saw a good number of individuals attend to try out and learn more while #BeActive.

To view more events happening and be a part of the European Week of Sport, visit the link below and #BeActive.

European Week of Sport 2022 #BeActive Night and Main National Event

SportMalta News September 26, 2022 0

During the past weekend, two big activities took place as part of the European Week of Sport 2022. On Saturday at the Cottonera Sport Complex, the BeActive Night took place, an activity which at the same time was being celebrated within the whole European Union member states and other countries in Europe.


The event had two main themes, inclusivity, and fitness. In fact, Special Olympics were the centre of various activities that were not only carried out by their young members but by others. The sports of bocce, table tennis and football were the most popular.



There were also walks from different local Councils to the complex. In fact, the councils of Kalkara, Isla, Birgu and Bormla with the collaboration of SportMalta organized three-kilometre walks for which the locals attended.


In addition, there was a great fitness activity that had a line-up of different sports including Zumba, boogie bounce and capoeira together with exhibitions from various dance schools. A snooker exhibition tournament was also organized by very young children who are part of the SportMalta academy.



Then on Sunday the Marsa complex was transformed into a sports village. It was fun for all those who attended to watch and take part in a different sport. This varied from Athletics, skate boarding, basketball 3 vs 3, duathlon, badminton, archery, netball, judo, rugby, kendo, and volleyball. Special Olympics also did various sports for their member children, while the Malta youth football association organized a football tournament throughout the day for both boys and girls.



During this month also several other activities are being carried out by various Federations and clubs to encourage the Maltese and Gozitan population to be more active. The next official activities for SportMalta is a 5-kilometre run organized together with the Malta Employees Sport Association which will take place on October 6 at 17:00 and in the second week of October a collective event in Maltese schools and Gozo.

#BeActive – Water polo for a good cause

SportMalta News September 19, 2022 0

Birżebbuġa  ASC along with the parents of the youths, from the 12th of September till the 15th of September organised 4 different age group water polo tournaments to help their children get more familiar with the game, #BeActive and while doing sport raise funds for the Community Chest Fund.

Taking part where four different teams, Marsascala, Otters, Sliema and St. Julians along with Birzebbugia ASC. It was a great experience for the youths who got to play, enjoy their time, and help out to raise funds for those in need. #BeActive is always aiming to use Sport for more than just doing physical activity.

To view more events happening throughout the next few weeks and be a part, visit the link below and #BeActive.