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More than 50 schools across Malta took part in the SportMalta Schools Sports Day 2023

SportMalta News October 16, 2023 0

Through an initiative led by SportMalta, thousands of children from Maltese and Gozitan schools united together for various activities with their teachers for SportMalta Schools Sports Day. The SportMalta Schools Sports Day is a big event in Malta, where over 50 schools joined in the fun. This special day was all about promoting healthy habits in kids and making them fall in love with sports. The hope was that they would keep playing sports as they grew up.

More than 50 schools coming together for the SportMalta Schools Sports Day was a big deal. It was a celebration of movement, teamwork, and health. And while there were winners and losers, everyone went home with a smile, knowing that they had taken a step closer to a lifetime of being active and loving sports.

Imagine a day when school was not just about books and lessons, but also about running, jumping, and having a blast. That’s what the SportMalta Schools Sports Day was all about. It was a day when students got to showcase their athletic skills and had a great time doing it.

The main goal of that day was to get kids excited about sports. When they had fun playing games and sports, they were more likely to stay active throughout their lives. So, that event was like planting a seed of love for sports in their hearts. When they grew up, that love might turn into a passion for a particular sport or just a habit of staying active.

It wasn’t just about competition, though. The day was full of activities that were enjoyable and helped kids stay fit. There were races, games, and team sports that brought out the best in every child. It wasn’t about being the fastest or the strongest; it was about giving it your best and enjoying the spirit of sportsmanship.

In addition to being a day devoted to sports and physical activities, this unique occasion also functioned as a promotional tool for underscoring the significance of physical fitness among school children in fostering robust and well-balanced lifestyles. SportMalta executed several efforts aimed at promoting sports and physical activity, with instances such as the #BeActive campaign and the European Week of Sport being two notable initiatives carried out in the past month.

Aġenzija Sapport – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 4, 2023 0

The European Week of Sport in 2023 was a fantastic celebration of fitness and sports activities. The event was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Depiro Sports Club, and SportMalta, Mtarfa Resource Centre, Special Olympics Malta, and the Mtarfa Community Police. This initiative aimed to promote physical activity and well-being among service users attending Mtarfa Resource Centre. Throughout the week, participants engaged in various activities, including basketball sessions, which were a big hit among the attendees.

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of unity as everyone came together to support each other . These activities not only promoted fitness but also encouraged social interaction and community bonding. It was heartwarming to see people of all abilities and backgrounds coming together to enjoy the benefits of sports and fitness. The European Week of Sport 2023 will be remembered as a time when collaboration and teamwork led to a memorable and impactful event. We look forward to more such opportunities in the future to promote fitness, activity, and the spirit of togetherness.

Kalkara Local Council Walk to Cottonera Sports Complex – #Beactive Night 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 4, 2023 0

For the second year in a row, our community united to take part in a pleasant walk, starting from Kalkara and ending at the Cottonera Sports Complex. This event was a part of the European Week of Sport, an initiative aimed at promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle throughout Europe.

Mayor Wayne Aquilina, Councilor Maria Sultana, and the Community Police were all present, showing their support for this wonderful occasion. It was heartwarming to see our local leaders taking an active role in encouraging fitness and well-being within our community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this event. Their enthusiasm and participation ensured that our village was an active and integral part of the first day of activities in the European Week of Sport 2023, which was organized by SportMalta.

The European Week of Sport is not just about physical activity; it’s about promoting a culture of fitness and health. It’s a time when people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the joy of movement.

#BeActive Night, a special highlight of the European Week of Sport 2023, was a night to remember. The Cottonera Sports Complex in Malta came alive with excitement and energy as people gathered to participate in various sporting activities and games. It was a night of fun and camaraderie, where friends and families cheered each other on, fostering a sense of togetherness.

The #BeActive Night was not just about competitive sports; it was also a platform for individuals of all ages and fitness levels to try new activities, whether it was dancing, yoga, or simply going for a brisk walk. The event emphasized that being active doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be enjoyable and inclusive for everyone.

SportMalta deserves special recognition for their outstanding organization of the Cottonera Sports Complex event. Their dedication and hard work ensured that everyone had a memorable night, filled with laughter and shared experiences.

As we look back on the European Week of Sport 2023 and the #BeActive Night at the Cottonera Sports Complex, we are filled with pride. These events not only brought our community closer but also reminded us of the importance of staying active and healthy. They showed us that physical activity is not just about competition but also about fostering friendships and building a stronger, more connected community.

We hope that the spirit of the European Week of Sport and the #BeActive Night continues to inspire us all to lead healthier lives and to come together in the name of fitness and well-being. Let’s make every week a week of sport, and let’s keep the #BeActive spirit alive in our hearts and our community.

RMYC Sailing School – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 3, 2023 0

RMYC Sailing School advance team and coaches had a fun-filled morning introducing the joys of dinghy sailing to some enthusiastic new youngsters⛵️. They were delighted to open their doors in celebrating the European Week of Sport and extend their warm welcome to all visitors, offering them the opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing on the beautiful waters of Malta🌊. It was heartwarming to witness the smiles and excitement on the faces of those who came along, eager to embrace this wonderful sport and make unforgettable memories on the sea🌟.

The Royal Malta Yacht Club, believes in the power of sports to bring people together, foster a spirit of adventure, and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Their participation in the European Week of Sport was a testament to their commitment to these values, and they were thrilled to be a part of this inspiring initiative. They look forward to continuing to share the joys of sailing with our community and encourage everyone to stay active and #BeActive in their own unique way.

Thank you for joining us on this memorable sailing adventure!⛵️🌊🌟

Environmental Health Directorate, Malta – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 3, 2023 0

During the European Week of Sport, Environmental Health Directorate, Malta organized an amazing team-building event at the Cottonera Sports Complex in Malta. This exciting activity was organized in collaboration with the Malta Environmental Health Officers Association and received strong support from the Superintendence of Public Health. They aimed to encourage everyone to #BeActive and promote a healthy lifestyle.

During that event, they had the opportunity to participate in various team games, and it turned out to be a great success. It brought their staff closer together while having fun and getting active. The spirit of teamwork and camaraderie was truly inspiring. Thanks to SportMalta, they all enjoyed the fantastic facilities at the Cottonera Sports Complex, which added to the excitement of the day.

This event not only promoted physical activity but also emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration. They were proud to have been a part of the European Week of Sport, and they look forward to more such events in the future to keep their team active, healthy, and engaged.







Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club Fun Games Night – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 3, 2023 0

On Wednesday, September 20th, the Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club hosted a charity fun evening with a heartwarming twist. Their event aimed to raise funds for Caritas, a noble cause close to many hearts. The evening was a spectacular success, radiating a wonderful sense of camaraderie and joy. People of all ages, from young kids to adults, came together to participate in a range of delightful activities. There were spirited relay races, hilarious sack races, and even a potato race that had everyone laughing and cheering. As the evening progressed, the excitement reached its peak with thrilling tennis matches that had the crowd on their feet.

This fantastic gathering was made even more special thanks to the #Beactive European Week of Sport 2023, which aimed to promote and celebrate a healthy lifestyle. The event received strong support from Sport Malta, a passionate advocate for physical well-being. Their involvement added an extra layer of significance to the occasion, emphasizing the importance of sports and fitness in our lives. The European Week of Sport 2023 undoubtedly left a lasting mark, spreading good vibes and fostering a sense of togetherness, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to SportMalta for their invaluable contribution to this memorable evening.

SportMalta Gym Free Open Day – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 3, 2023 0

Last Saturday, on September 30th, SportMalta Gyms hosted a Gym Free Open Day at four different locations across Malta. The event took place at Kirkop Gym, Tal-Qroqq Gym, Sirens Gym, and Birzebbuga Gym. This event was part of the European Week of Sport of this year. Starting at 12 pm and lasting throughout the day, the event welcomed people of all ages to enjoy a day of fitness and fun.

During the Gym Free Open Day, participants had the opportunity to explore various workouts and fitness equipment at these gyms, all free of charge. To make the experience even better, SportMalta generously provided a complimentary #BeActive towel to everyone who attended. This thoughtful gesture ensured that participants could stay fresh and comfortable as they engaged in the different activities and exercises.

The Gym Free Open Day was a fantastic initiative that encouraged people to be active and stay healthy while promoting the European Week of Sport. It brought communities together, allowing them to discover the benefits of regular exercise and the wonderful facilities available at these gyms across Malta.

Exciting Kickoff for SportMalta’s OnTheMove Programme: Welcome to 2023-2024!

SportMalta News October 3, 2023 0

SportMalta is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all parents and guardians, along with your young athletes, as we gear up for an action-packed 2023-2024 scholastic year with our renowned OnTheMove programme. It’s an exhilarating journey that promises sports, growth, and knowledge, and we’re delighted to have you become part of our thriving community.

Embracing Values: Sportsmanship, Discipline, and Positive Behaviour

At SportMalta, we place great emphasis on instilling the core values of sportsmanship, discipline, and positive behaviour in our young participants. We encourage your children not only to practice these values during our sessions but also to apply them in their everyday lives.


Attendance and Punctuality: Key to Success

One of the cornerstones of a successful journey with us is consistent attendance and punctuality. Regular participation not only contributes to your child’s development but also enhances their overall enjoyment of the programme.

Important Dates for Your Calendar

Start Date: 14th October 2023

End Date: 24th May 2024 

Holiday Breaks

Christmas Holidays: 17th December 2023 – 7th January 2024

Easter Holidays: 24th March – 7th April 2024

No Sessions on Public and National Holidays

Please keep in mind that there may be occasional session cancellations due to national and international events hosted at SportMalta’ sport complexes. Be assured that we’re committed to minimizing disruptions to the programme.

Dress Code: Safety First

To ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, please ensure that your child wears appropriate sports attire during sessions.

Streamlined Communication with Coaches

For effective communication and coordination, we kindly request that all communication with coaches be channelled through the Head Coaches. This streamlined approach ensures that your concerns and questions are addressed promptly. 

Connect with Head Coaches

You can reach our Head Coaches during sessions or through the Programmes Office. We’re here to provide assistance and answer any queries you may have.

Need More Information?

If you require further information about the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact Catherine Camilleri at 22036228 or via email at

As we embark on this exciting new scholastic year filled with sports, learning, and growth, we eagerly anticipate witnessing your child thrive and flourish in our programme.

Wishing you and your family a delightful and rewarding year ahead!

The Fitness Challenge Staff Activity – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

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SportMalta organized a Fitness Challenge Staff Event as part of the European Week of Sport 2023. The event took place on September 29th at the Cottonera Sports Complex. It was a fantastic opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and enjoy some friendly competition.

The Fitness Challenge was an exciting and engaging activity that tested SportMalta employees’ strength, agility, and teamwork. Whether they were fitness enthusiasts or just looking for a good time, the event catered for everyone.

Participants were encouraged to join in on the fun. The Fitness Challenge Staff Event was a great way for the community to come together as a team and have a blast. Workplace physical activity events ensure a friendly atmosphere and a higher level of productivity at work.

SportMalta Badminton Academy – European Week of Sport 2023 Event

SportMalta News October 2, 2023 0

Recently, the SportMalta Badminton Academy embarked on an exciting journey that culminated in a memorable weekend in Zagreb with a competition organized by the Croatian Badminton Association. This event took place during the European Week of Sport, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle across the continent.

September marked an important moment for Maltese badminton, as six national athletes forming part of the SportMalta Badminton Academy,  embarked on their journey through the qualification and main draw stages of the tournament. These athletes, namely Sam Cassar, Matthew Galea, Ann Marie Bezzina, Francesca Clark, Lauren Azzopardi, and Elenia Haber, represented Malta in various categories, including singles, mixed, and doubles events. For these Maltese athletes, the competition was not just an opportunity to showcase their skills but also a valuable learning experience. The level of competition at an international event like this can be extremely challenging, and it often serves as a steep learning curve. Facing top-notch players from around the world provides invaluable exposure and experience, pushing these athletes to continuously improve their game. Despite the formidable competition, these six Maltese athletes demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commendable spirit throughout the tournament. They not only represented their nation with pride but also managed to leave a lasting impact on the international badminton scene during the event, which coincided with the #BeActive week campaign.